Will your auto insurance cover your relatives with international drivers permits?

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I always add my relatives to my car insurance whehn they visit me and drive mar car, even it is for a 2 week visit. I do not want to get in a legal dispute for that little cost it could be avoided!

Can you insure someone else's car?

Yes you Can
Yes, You can Insure the property of another Person. So Long as you have authorization to do so, or an insurable interest in that property. Such as a case where dad says " OK, you can use my spare car but you gotta get your own coverage". If You have permissive use from the owner of a vehicle, then obviously you have an insurable interest. However, Only the Legal owner of the Property or the designated agent of the owner can legally receive compensation for the property in the event of a covered loss. If you are insuring for liability only then this is not an issue. If you buy full property coverage, Then Dad will be happy you were prudent enough to fully insure his interest in the vehicle he loaned you.
You can not insure the property of another when no insurable interest exists.

From a Veteran Agent :
Yes you can insure someone else's car its called "non owners insurance" the problem with that is its only liability.

It depends on the language in the policy. Some companies allow you to insure a vehicle that is in your care, custody, and control with no requirement of ownership but you must at least be the primary user of that vehicle. I don't know of any case where you would be allowed to insure another persons vehicle in which you do not have care, custody, and control.

Can auto insurance companies demand information about people who live with you?

Auto insurance companies
The insurance company can ask you a lot of things that you don't think are any of their business, but if they are insuring your auto, they have every right to ask about all lisenced drivers in your household.

More input from FAQ Farmers:
Unfortunately yes they can, technically the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) requires them to do so as part of the agreement of being a legitimate licensed insurance carrier. Remember, anyone withheld from the policy who drives and causes a claim they will laugh and deny the whole thing. You will then need a good lawyer.

I am a agent for a large company, and yes insurance companies have the right to ask you anything about the Occupants of your household. You don't have to answer them but dont expect to have insurance with them very much longer.