How old do you have to be to test-drive a car?


First you must be a serious buyer. They don't waste their time with joy rides. Second you need to be 18 or over, the age at which you can legally enter into a contract, or have someone 18 or over accompany you who would be a co-signer of the contract if you did purchase a car.

That is how the sales person earns a living, and they don't appreciate people who waste their time and keep them from a customer that will buy a car.


What happens if I don't get new license plates when I move to a different state?

I just bought a car and had it registered and titled in Minnesota. In two months I will be moving down to Florida. Now my Minnesota plates are good for another 10 months, but Florida state law says I must register the car in Florida within 10 days of moving down there. I'm not particularly keen on paying to get Florida plates and a Florida driver's license sooner than I have to, so what happens if I wait till my Minnesota plates expire? If you've been in this situation before, I'd certainly appreciate your input!

In virtually all states, once you establish residence in another state, you are required to switch your plates over (as you obviously already know - in most states it's a month, I'm surprised Florida only gives you ten days).

Enforcing the law is another matter entirely. Minnesota will almost certainly keep your registration active until the scheduled expiration date, since it is likely they have no idea that you have moved. If you are pulled over six months after moving, still have you MN license, and tell the officer you just got there a few days ago, or are still residing in MN and just going back and forth, then (depending on the officer's mood) you may simply receive a warning, as I did when I was living in SC and still kept my CO plates (I was, as you are, reluctant to pay for new plates). If you have a Florida license, Minnesota plates, and your local cop has seen you commuting to work for the last six months, you will probably be cited. In my case, I was travelling out of town and was in a small, one-horse burg I had never been in before, so some fast talking to the cop saved me from a citation. I was military and told him I was waiting for my paperwork to keep my Colorado DL and plates - I even threw in a made-up form number and sounded irritated with the whole process (cops know all about paperwork) - I should have gotten an Oscar for that one.

If you are cited, you can plead your case to the judge (bear in mind that lying in court is illegal), as the state is almost certainly not going to go to any extreme lengths to investigate your whereabouts for what is a misdemeanor traffic offense - it's simply too expensive.

However, to maintain a clean conscience, get your plates changed. If you are in an accident, as noted before, the insurance company may not cover you if they do a little digging and discover you were driving on a technically invalid registration.


What Vehicle has the highest insurance rates?

I friend of mine wants to purchase a Mustang and she was told that the rates in Georgia would be high....Does the color of the vehicle make a difference also?....I have heard the color Red would bring you into a high pay rage with insurance....not too sure so I'm asking....thanks

Color has no impact. The symbol (basically, value of car) has a big impact on the comp & collision. Theft rates, statistically, on different types of cars, also has an impact on comp & collision. Safety equipment (ABS brakes, passive alarm, VIN etching ...) will lower the liability portion. If an insurance company does statistics on cars and shows that red cars are more likely to drive dangerously (probably specific to certain models), it is within their rights to raise the premium accordingly.

Everything is statistics; each insurance company usues a different calculation. All liability-only cars will be the same at some companies and different at others.
Licensed agent

Is it necessary to hold on to old auto insurance bills?

I switched auto insurance companies recently and I was just wondering if there is any reason at all I should keep my old auto insurance bills from the old company. I'm the one who HATES clutter and I want to get rid of things I don't need anymore. Thanks.
I recently changed to AAA. If no claim pending it is not necessary to keep the old bills. But keep policy number for a couple months for refernece if need be.
I now use the plastic shoe boxes to weed out things then go through boxes and thin more later. I label each one, such as bills paid, autos, bank, charge accounts, phone, utilties, TAX reciepts, house repairs, Working well for me so far.


Insurance anyone?

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