Resolved Question - Auto Insurance New York

What is the most popular and best auto insurance broker in NYC? Any recommendations? What is the advantage?

By best, I mean the lowest priced rate they can come up with. What is the advantage I get going to a broker instead of directly going to a popular auto insurance company? Thanks a lot.

Additional Details
I live in Bronx, NY, work in Manhattan and I have a 2000 Toyota RAV4.


The best thing to do is to ask friends & colleagues who they use for their insurance. If you have a tenants or co-op policy, go to that company first. Travellers is a good company and used to have decent rates in NY. I was from NJ & one of my insureds moved to Manhattan & his rate went down with Travellers. They work through independent agents. Look in the phone book under insurance & start calling. You don't necessarily want the cheapest rate (remember you get what you pay for), you want the best coverage for your situation. You want a good company that will be there to help you if you have a claim. Good luck to you. If I were still in the area, I may have known someone but unfortunately, I am not anymore.