Progressive begins offering local auto insurance

The Progressive Group of Insurance Cos. said it will begin offering auto insurance to Massachusetts drivers at its website Progressive.com, starting today.

Ohio-based Progressive, which claims to be the nation's third largest auto insurer, said visitors to its website can take advantage of its comparison rating feature, which offers individual drivers accurate rates from Progressive and up to three top competitors.

The administration of Governor Deval L. Patrick last year undertook an ambitious overhaul of the Massachusetts auto insurance market, which was the last one in the country where rates were set by regulators. Under the new system, which recently went into effect, companies set their own rates and have greater flexibility to introduce innovative product features and discounts for different drivers

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Independent Agents Help You Understand The New Changes in Mass. Auto Insurance.
The Massachusetts auto insurance system will undergo sweeping changes on April 1, 2008. In an effort to ease the transition, Independent Insurance Agents want to make sure that you have a good understanding of the changes that will occur and how they may affect your auto insurance rates.

To assist you, massauto.com has assembled the answers to the most frequently asked questions about these changes. Click here for answers to your questions.

Check out Discounts, Credits and Policy Features.
We've also put together a chart of what the most popular companies are planning to offer on April 1st - like discounts, credits, and special policy features that may benefit you and your family. Click here for the chart..

Person To Person Service Makes All The Difference.
Unlike large, faceless corporations, Independent Insurance Agents are independent businesses located right in your community. They don't just "sell" you a policy. They are there for you day in and day out to provide the person to person service you want and deserve ... when you have questions, when you need to make changes in your policy, and, most importantly, when you have a claim.

What Every Consumer Should Know About Buying, Insuring or Renting a Car.
As an added benefit to the person to person service you receive from your agent, Independent Insurance Agents have developed several consumer guides that will simplify the complexities of buying an insurance policy, purchasing a new vehicle, or renting a car.

Is a six-month auto policy good news for you?
Maybe not! The Massachusetts Association of Insurance Agents (MAIA) has issued a press release to let consumers know they have a statutory right to a one year policy and warning of the pitfalls of six-month policies. To read the release

Update on National Prearranged Services, Inc. (NPS), Memorial Service Life Insurance Company, and Lincoln Memorial Life Insurance Co.

The Texas Department of Insurance (TDI) has placed Memorial Service Life Insurance Company (Memorial Service), Lincoln Memorial Life Insurance Company (Lincoln Memorial), and National Prearranged Services, Inc. (NPS) into receivership for purposes of rehabilitation under Texas Insurance Code, Chapter 443. Representatives from Memorial Service, Lincoln Memorial and NPS have consented to the receivership and signed an agreed order on May 14, 2008.