In New York State, do you have to have a valid driver's license in order to get car insurance?

According to the New York State Department of Motor Vehicles you are not required to have a driver license or learner permit to apply for a vehicle registration or title certificate in state of New York. These requirements also apply to the registration of a boat, a snowmobile, or an ATV.

So without a valid license you can buy, register and title a car in your name however getting insurance will be more difficult. Your driver's license record is one of the main rating factors typically for any car insurance carrier so without a valid license they do not have a motor vehicle record to rate you on. Or if your license is not valid due to it being suspended or revoked than an insurer will have difficulties wanting to insure you since you are a risk to them. Obviously if your license is not valid you are not supposed to be on the roadway with the car and so you driving without a valid license pose liability risks to your insurance provider that they do not want.

If you do not have a valid license due to a medical condition, disability or even due to a suspension or revocation you may still be able to get insurance for a vehicle if you are excluded as a driver from the policy and instead have the person (or people) that are going to drive you around in your vehicle listed on your auto insurance policy as the drivers. The car insurance company could then rate your policy using these drivers valid driver's license record.

Not all insurers are willing to exclude the owner from their own policy so you may need to shop around for the right coverage. There are insurance companies, such as Esurance, that allow another person to insure your car, even without insurable interest in it so that could be another option where the driver is the person insuring the car instead of you the owner without a valid license.

Getting auto insurance without a valid driver's license may be possible but is a lot more difficult to do because of insurance company guidelines, not any NYS State laws. New York State just wants you to carry at least the state's minimum car insurance requirements on your vehicle if it is registered in NYS.

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In Tennessee, how many points is allowed before a driver's license is suspended?

The amount of points accumulated on your Tennessee driver's record that will cause your driving privileges to be suspended varies depending upon if you are an adult or teen driver.

As an adult driver you may face suspension of your license once you have reached 12 points within a 12 month period. The TN Department of Safety states that they have set up the Driver Improvement Section of their agency to monitor the driving records of Tennessee drivers and they send out notices when you have accumulated too many points according to state laws.

Drivers that accumulate twelve (12) or more points on their TN driving record within any 12-month period are sent a notice of proposed suspension and given an opportunity to attend an administrative hearing. If they fail to request a hearing, their driving privileges are suspended for a period of six (6) to twelve (12) months. In most cases, when a driver requests a hearing, they are given the opportunity to attend a defensive driving class in lieu of suspension or a reduction of suspension time.

Teenage drivers are looked at closer since they are inexperienced drivers and thus drivers less than eighteen (18) years of age that accumulate six (6) or more points on their driving record within any twelve (12) month period are sent a notice of proposed suspension from the Department of Safety and are placed in the Driver Improvement Program. The driver will be required to attend an administrative hearing, with their parent or guardian present, to discuss the points assigned to their driving record. Certain actions could be imposed based on the outcome of the hearing and the number of points accumulated on the driver's record.

When a teen driver has accumulated between 6 to 9 points:

* Driving privileges may be suspended for 3 to 6 months.
* Driver must attend and complete a Defensive Driving Course within 90 days.
* Failure to attend hearing by the driver and parent/guardian present will result in a mandatory 6 month suspension of the juvenile's driving privileges.
* If a driver's license is suspended, all legal and departmental requirements for reinstatement, including proof of liability insurance, completion of a Defensive Driving Course and payment of reinstatement fees, must be met before driving privileges can be reinstated.

If they have been assessed 10 or more points than:

* Driving privileges will be suspended for 6 months.
* Failure to attend hearing by the driver and parent/guardian will result in a mandatory 6 month suspension of the juvenile's driving privileges and attendance at a Defensive Driving Course.
* All legal and departmental requirements for reinstatement, including proof of liability insurance, completion of a Defensive Driving Course and payment of reinstatement fees, must be met before driving privileges can be reinstated.

If a driver under the age of 18 accumulates 6 or more points on their driving record in a 12-month period following the first offense (so this now counts as a second or subsequent offense of receiving too many points on your motor vehicle record), the driver is sent a notice of proposed suspension from the Department of Safety and is placed in the Driver Improvement Program, with a copy sent to the driver's parent/guardian.

Then their driving privileges will be suspended for 6 or 12 months depending on their driving record. All legal and departmental requirements for reinstatement, including proof of liability insurance, completion of a Defensive Driving Course and payment of reinstatement fees, must be met before driving privileges can be reinstated for the teenage motorist.

Per chapter 1340-1-4 of the Rules of Tennessee Department of Safety Control Division an adult driver shall receive only one (1) advisory letter of caution within a five (5) year period. Also any driver not suspended entering the Driver Improvement Program who has not been involved in the program within a five (5) year period shall be treated as a first offender. So if you accumulate 12 or more points twice within a 5 month period you will be given harsher penalties since the TN Department of Safety will look at it as a second offense.

In Tennessee points are typically kept on your record for 5 years. While too many points may affect your driving privileges, too many traffic violations on your motor vehicle record (MVR) and cause your insurance rates to be affected. Whether you have a clean driving record or a few traffic offenses on your MVR, you can click here to get instant car insurance quotes for the state of Tennessee.

How old do you have to be to sit in the front seat in a car?

Legislation varies from state to state regarding the issue of seat belts, child restraints and when a child may be allowed to sit in the front seat. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) recommends all children under age 13 sit in the back seat of a motor vehicle. Many states also suggest that the age of 13 is when it is appropriate for a child to finally sit in the front seat.

For example, the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet notes there is not a state law governing the age of front seat passengers but that the risk of injury is greater in the front seat for children, with or without an airbag. Research shows it is best for children ages 12 and under to ALWAYS ride in the back seat so that is their recommendation as well.

New York State notes that although NYS does not have a law preventing children from sitting in the front seat, it is highly recommended that all children age 12 and under ride properly restrained in the back seat. Researchers estimate that just by putting a child in the back seat instead of the front seat reduces the chance of injury and death by more than 30 percent.

NYS also says that infants in rear-facing car seats should never be placed in the front seat of a car with a passenger-side air bag. While air bags provide effective protection for adult passengers, the great forces produced by an inflating air bag can injure or even kill a child. In fact, the safest place for children of all ages to ride is in the rear seat of the vehicle. If there is no other option, children in forward-facing child seats can ride in the front seat, but the passenger seat should be placed as far back from the dashboard (and air bag) as possible.

Rhode Island's laws state that children who are less than seven (7) years old must be transported in a federally approved restraint seat in the back seat of the vehicle. They require you follow instructions for use described in the restraint seat manual for age and weight.

California law (CA Vehicle Code 2736) basically states that any child under the age of six weighing less than 60 pounds must be secured in a federally approved child passenger restraint system and ride in the back seat of a vehicle. The VC notes that a child under the age of six weighing less than 60 pounds may ride in the front seat of a vehicle when:

* There is no rear seat or the rear seats are either side-facing jump seats or rear-facing seats.
* The child passenger restraint system cannot be installed properly in the rear seat.
* All rear seats are already occupied by children under the age of 12 years.
* A medical reason requires the child to ride in the front seat.

A child may not ride in the front seat of an airbag-equipped vehicle if the child:

* Is under one year of age.
* Weighs less than 20 pounds.
* Is riding in a rear-facing child passenger restraint system.

The NHTSA site says that the rear seat is the safest place for children of any age to ride. An infant in a rear-facing child seat must ride in the back seat if your vehicle has a passenger air bag. Make sure that everyone in the front seat is properly buckled up and seated as far back from the air bags as is reasonably possible when they do reach an age in which to sit in the front.

They also advise drivers to make sure that all young children are properly secured in an age and size appropriate restraints. The NHTSA has an Auto Safety Hotline at 1-888-DASH-2-DOT (1-888-327-4236) which you can call to get more information on this topic.

To find out if your state has any laws that mandate you cannot have a child under a certain age in the front seat, contact your local Department of Motor Vehicles.

N.J. Commissioner: State Regulation Helped Insurance Withstand Sagging Economy

New Jersey Banking and Insurance Commissioner Steven Goldman thinks the shaky economy's impact on insurers has been softened in part by state regulation. Sworn in to office by Gov. Jon Corzine in March 2006, Goldman is the chairman of the National Association of Insurance Commissioners' International Insurance Relations Committee and Reinsurance Task Force. Here is some of what Goldman had to say to BestWeek:

State Regulation

If you look at the financial sector over the entire spectrum, the one that has withstood the current economic crisis the best is the insurance sector. That's not by accident. The regulatory structure for the insurance sector has been more effective than the regulatory structure of the other sectors.

Federal Role

The most important part of a federal approach would be in the context of the discussion taking place about a systemic risk regulator. It is difficult for states, either singularly or in the aggregate, to develop programs which would enable the use of systemic risk regulation, which by definition, needs to be across all sectors of the financial services industry. A systemic risk regulator should include representatives from all segments -- including state regulators who regulate the insurance industry.

New Jersey Coastal Insurance

There is affordability and there is availability. We've had a number of new entrants come to the market; we have had surplus lines carriers in the market. It has become somewhat more expensive but we don't think it's become unaffordable and it's definitely available.

Insurers' Adjusting to Auto Reform

Happily, with respect to [the sunset of take-all-comers and caps on urban territories], unhappily with respect to the TREE [Territorial Rating Equilization Exchange] program we put in place. There are a number of carriers who I think understand the purpose. All carriers have been cooperative in working through the process. [The removal of old regulations] coupled with TREE enabled us to remove them without having disproportionate rates follow. We think it's been a highly competitive market.

TREE Progress

Quite good. It is industry board represented; continues to innovate for ways to make it work as smoothly as possible.

PIP Fee Schedule Stuck in Court

We've been trying hard to move that along. We're at the mercy of the court schedule, but we do want to see it implemented. To the extent rates are being driven somewhat higher, that is a principal cause. It would be a great help to New Jersey consumers and to the industry to get a comprehensive schedule in place.

Professional Liability Challenges

It has turned to a softer market the last year or so, so there has been less of an outcry as a result. We've proposed regulations, which would enable us to take a tighter look at the insurance treaties that some of the medical malpractice carriers have entered into so we can be certain there has been appropriate risk transfer. Principally what we are after there is to make sure that the audit committee reports directly to us when we come in about the nature on investments and return on investments. We are also going to propose some ability on the part of the department to review and approve rate increases and decreases.


Mantra behind Getting Cheap Auto Insurance

What is the phone number for USAA auto Insurance
USAA Auto Insureance can be reached at 1-800-531-USAA (8722). ChaCha for now!

Auto insurance plans are available for all at same prices. However, the main difference comes in deductibles and discounts offered by agents. Deductibles are the special discounts you got on the insurance premium amount if you do not need any of coverage. Now question comes how you can get these discounts. These discounts depend entirely upon you. Here are some tips, which may be able to help you increasing the amount of discount you can get.

First thing, the most important thing is try to maintain your vehicle. Take care of your vehicle as much as you can. Have its services at proper time. Change its parts like breaks, tire if required. It will increase your vehicle life and increase its millage. This will decrease chances defaults and its repair costs. If your vehicle maintained is good then you can get good discounts even if your car is old, as chances of getting defaults in car decreases. Therefore, insurance company has to pay fewer amounts of repair bills.

Second thing is drive safely. If you drive safely, chances of accident will decrease. Fines like speeding, reckless driving etc. will not be charged. If you are drunk then do not drive car. It increases chances of accident. Always follow traffic rules. If your previous record of driving had fewer accidents then also you can avail discounts.

Third thing is not to claim for small amounts. If amount of damage is small and you can very easily afford that then do not claim for that amount. Because there is some initial amount that you need to pay and rest amount will remain very less. If you claim for that it will increases number of claims that you have made. Only claim for bigger amounts. Less number of claims more is the discounts you get.

Try to deduct coverage´s that is not beneficial for you like if do not have any A.C. in your car then coverage against A.C. will go in waste. It can be used as deductibles. Various unwanted coverage can be deducted.

If you have more than one vehicle than take group auto insurance. It will give you large amount of benefit. You should purchase all insurance form same agent. Search up the market and find if you can get lower insurance premium for the same package that is currently availed by the agent. There can be festive offers or other offers available that can provide discounts like free insurance on buying new car etc.

Where the Worst Drivers Live

The worst drivers in America live in New York. Of course, you knew that. You've been in the Holland Tunnel. But now, we have proof.

GMAC Insurance has released the results of its National Drivers Test for 2009. The test, which measures basic knowledge of driving laws, was given to more than 5,000 drivers from all 50 states and the District of Columbia -- and New Yorkers finished last. Last year's loser, New Jersey, improved its score just enough to leap over New York. Hawaii, California and Georgia rounded out the bottom five.

Idaho and Wisconsin drivers tied for the highest average score, with an 80.6.

The point of the test, of course, is not just to confirm what anyone who's tried to merge onto the Thruway already knew. It's to measure how much we know about safe driving. And the news isn't good.

In a press release, GMAC explains, "Results from the 2009 GMAC Insurance National Drivers Test released today found that 20.1 percent of licensed Americans - amounting to roughly 41 million drivers on the road - would not pass a written drivers test exam if taken today." Most of us have trouble, according to the results, with "questions about yellow lights and safe following distances."

The survey has been given for five years. The average score has fluctuated up and down during that time, but this year it is down - 76.6 percent versus last year's 78.1.

GMAC notes, "In general, geographical regions ranked similarly to previous years, with the lowest average test scores in the Northeast, while the states in the Midwest held the highest averages. When comparing genders, men are still more likely to pass the test than women, but the gap is considerably smaller in 2009 (81 percent of males versus 79 percent of females) than in 2008 (87 percent of males versus 80 percent of females)."

And, "The older the driver, the higher the test score." Drivers over 35 were more likely to pass than those under 35, while men over 45 posted the highest scores, and "the age group with the highest failure rates was young adults (18 to 24 years old)."

Curious how you'd do? Take the test yourself at nationaldriverstest.com. When you're finished, GMAC will even let you play a video game that teaches you how to avoid elderly people and aliens in the roadway (no, we're not kidding).

State Rankings

Note: Many states tied for the same position in the rankings.



You may not realize it, but the insurance rates you pay
for your car can vary dramatically depending on the insurance
company, agent or broker you choose, the coverages you request
and the kind of car you drive. Listed below are a number of
things you can do right now to lower your insurance costs.


Prices for the same coverage can vary by hundreds of
dollars, so it pays to shop around. Ask your friends, check the
yellow pages or call your state insurance department (phone
numbers are on back page). You can also check consumer guides,
insurance agents or companies. This will give you an idea of
price ranges and tell you which companies or agents have the
lowest prices. But don't shop price alone.

The insurer you select should offer both fair prices and
excellent service. Quality personal service may cost a bit
more, but provides added conveniences, so talk to a number of
insurers to get a feeling for the quality of their service. Ask
them what they would do to lower your costs. Check the
financial ratings of the companies too. Then, when you've
narrowed the field to three insurers, get price quotes.


Deductibles represent the amount of money you pay before
you make a claim. By requesting higher deductibles on collision
and comprehensive (fire and theft) coverage, you can lower your
costs substantially. For example, increasing your deductible
from $200 to $500 could reduce your collision cost by 15% to


It may not be cost-effective to have collision or
comprehensive coverages on cars worth less than $1000 because
any claim you make would not substantially exceed annual cost
and deductible amounts. Auto dealers and banks can tell you the
worth of cars.


If you have adequate health insurance, you may be paying
for duplicate medical coverage in your auto policy. In some
states, eliminating this coverage could lower your personal
injury protection (PIP) cost by up to 40%.


Before you buy a new or used car, check into insurance
costs. Cars that are expensive to repair, or that are favorite
targets for thieves, have much higher insurance costs. Write to
the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, 1005 North Glebe
Road, Arlington, VA 22201 and ask for the Highway Loss Data


Costs tend to be lowest in rural communities and highest
in center cities where there is more traffic congestion.


Some companies offer discounts to motorists who drive
fewer than a predetermined number of miles a year.


You may be able to take advantage of discounts on some
coverages if you have automatic seat belts and/or air bags.


Some insurers offer discounts for more than one car, no
accidents in three years, drivers over 50 years of age, driver
training courses, anti-theft devices, anti-lock brakes and good
grades for students. See the following page for a guide to
these and other discounts.



$500 deductible _______ _______ _______

$1,000 deductible _______ _______ _______

More than 1 car _______ _______ _______

No Accidents
in 3 Years _______ _______ _______

No Moving Violations
in 3 Years _______ _______ _______

Drivers Over 50 Years
of Age _______ _______ _______

Driver Training Course _______ _______ _______

Anti-Theft Device _______ _______ _______

Low Annual Mileage _______ _______ _______

Automatic Seat Belt _______ _______ _______

Air Bag _______ _______ _______

Anti-Lock Brakes _______ _______ _______

Good Grades for
Students _______ _______ _______

Auto and Homeowners
Coverage with the
Same Company _______ _______ _______

College Students
Away From Home
Without a Car _______ _______ _______


_______________ _______ _______ _______
_______________ _______ _______ _______
_______________ _______ _______ _______
_______________ _______ _______ _______

Motorcycle Insurance: What You Need to Know

You bought a new motorcycle and you're ready to hit the road. Right? Not so fast. You may think that safety gear is all you need to protect yourself, but if you don't know the basics of motorcycle insurance, you could injure your finances. (I know, I know, it's a terrible joke. But hey, I write for an insurance website, so cut me some slack!)

Why buy motorcycle insurance?
It's pretty simple. Motorcycle insurance is required by law in many states. Besides that, it can protect you from losing your house or life savings or both if you're responsible for causing personal injuries or property damage. It can also cover your medical bills, theft and damage from vandalism. And, if you have a loan or lease, the lender will usually make you buy coverage for the bike itself.

The big one: liability coverage
This is the legally required coverage most people think of when they talk about insurance. It breaks down into two categories:

* Bodily injury liability: Can pay for medical bills, pain and suffering, and loss of wages for people you kill or injure in an accident you cause. Sometimes you don't have to be completely at fault. Even if you're partially responsible for the accident, you might still have to pay.
* Property damage liability: Can pay for repairing or replacing the property of other people, like cars, telephone poles and so forth.

This coverage will also pay for your defense costs if you're sued because of an accident.

Consider buying more than the minimum amount of coverage required in your state. Why? Well, if you have a lot of assets to protect, you'll want to make sure you're protecting those assets. And if you don't have a lot of assets, how will you pay the bills?

Optional but important: protection for you
Although these coverages are usually optional, they all protect you and your property directly. Unless you're rich, take a good look at them.

* Uninsured/underinsured motorist (UM/UIM) coverage: Can cover expenses caused by other drivers with little (underinsured) or no (uninsured) auto insurance. It can cover things like your medical bills, lost wages and pain and suffering. It even protects your riders and other people covered by your policy while they're riding in/on other vehicles or when they're pedestrians.
* Medical payments coverage or personal injury protection (PIP): Can cover a small amount of medical or funeral expenses (or both) for you and your riders, in addition to other people covered by your policy while they're riding in/on other vehicles or when they're pedestrians.
* Comprehensive: Can pay for damage to your bike not related to an accident (e.g., fire, flood, vandalism, theft and animal collisions). Comprehensive is kind of a dumb name for it, since it's pretty cheap coverage that doesn't apply in all situations – but that's what they call it.
* Collision: Can pay to repair or replace your motorcycle if it's damaged in an accident. It doesn't matter who caused the accident – it could even be with a tree. Animals don't count, however. Why is hitting an animal not a collision? It just isn't. However, you can't buy collision without buying comprehensive, so you'll have coverage for animal accidents either way.

Even more coverage
These are some of the smaller and most-overlooked coverages, but they're all relatively cheap for the protection they provide. However, if you don't need them, they're a waste of money.

* Accessory coverage: Can pay for damage to or loss of accessories like modifications, custom paint, safety equipment (like motorcycle helmets), wheels and more.
* Roadside assistance: Can cover towing, minor repairs, and fuel delivery if your bike breaks down, gets stuck near the road or runs out of fluids.
* Rental coverage: Can cover the cost of renting a replacement motorcycle if yours is in an accident.
* Trailer coverage: Covers a trailer used to transport your bike.
* Trip interruption coverage: Covers expenses like food and lodging if your bike breaks down away from home.

And if I buy all that, I don't pay anything else?
If you believe that, you'll believe anything! There's no such thing as "full coverage." It's just something people say so they won't worry. Here's what you usually end up paying for:

* Deductibles: These are what you agree to pay yourself before your insurance takes over. You can choose different deductibles for different coverages. Liability coverage never has a deductible.
* Exclusions: These are situations your policy specifically mentions that it won't pay for. Examples include wear-and-tear and intentional acts. Racing is also excluded.
* Excess costs: Your policy lists a dollar amount for coverage limits. Anything over this amount won't come from your motorcycle insurance company.

Discounts and savings
Many motorcycle insurance discounts are similar to auto insurance discounts. These are some special ones for riders:

* Motorcycle safety training classes (bonus points if you're an instructor)
* Riders club membership
* Theft recovery systems (like LoJack®)

Comparison shopping: boring but useful
Motorcycle insurance quotes for the same coverage on the same bike can be different from each company. If you're getting insurance for the first time or think you're paying too much, it pays to check prices. Just make sure you're comparing the same coverage and make sure the company has a good financial strength rating.


Salvage title

A salvage title is an automobile title with a notation that the vehicle has been damaged in excess of approximately 70% of its pre-accident market value. The exact percentage depends on the insurance provider and any applicable laws and regulations. This notation gets applied to a title when an insurance company pays a total-loss claim on a vehicle, but then sells the vehicle at an auction center. If the vehicle is kept by its owner through a buy-back program, then the vehicle will retain a clean title. A properly restored vehicle is still safely drivable even if it is technically considered a total loss by an insurance company, particularly with older vehicles where even minor cosmetic damage would cost more to fix than the vehicle's pre-accident market value.

There is no specific formula in most states that specifies when a vehicle is deemed salvage; this is typically decided on a case by case basis. Once the auto is involved in an accident, the insurance company then offers the vehicle back to the owner as an insurance buyback or the car is sold to insurance auction centers, such as IAAI or Copart. With an insurance buyback the owner is responsible for getting the repairs made and having the car inspected by the highway patrol or a state regulated inspection facility. At this point, the car still has a clean title, no matter of the degree of the damage done, because it was never owned by the insurance company. If the auto is not a buyback, it is towed to a salvage auction where it will be sold to an auto recycler or a rebuilder, and given a salvage title. A rebuilder can sell the car as-is or fix the car and resell it as a rebuilt salvage titled car.

Having a "Salvage" or "Junk" title only applies to the United States and Canada. All vehicles imported or exported to other countries will automatically obtain a "Clean" title, even if they have been involved in an accident.

Some companies in the United States, such as Carfax, sell title reports to prospective car buyers which, among other things, reveal these title statuses. The information, however, might be far from being complete because of the inability of these companies to check accident records in 23 states and because not all accidents get reported to the authorities (particularly when there are no injuries). In 2007, Carfax settled a nationwide class-action lawsuit and the company will now include prominent warnings that its reports may not be complete.

Industry standards followed by and noted in print by the National Automobile Dealers Association (N.A.D.A.) Appraisal Guides, Kelley Blue Book Market Report Official Guide, the International Society of Automotive Appraisers (I.S.A.A.) and additional automotive business entities within the United States of America, all devalue a motor vehicle that is in possession of a “Salvage Title”, by 20% - 50% of the normal, fair market retail value of the vehicle without a “Salvage Title”. The percentage variance increases with the younger age of the vehicle at issue and the retail value of that vehicle. Any vehicle that is more than 10 years old carries the 20% minimum devaluation to the fair market value of the vehicle. Once a vehicle is branded with a “salvage or junk” title of ownership, this type of tarnished history stays with the unit, even if the branded title is "washed clean" in another state to be free of the designation “salvage or junk”.

When car shopping, it is important to always inspect a car thoroughly regardless of its title, some vehicles could have been in accidents never reported or involved in a buy back program. But keep in mind that if you buy a salvage title car, the chances of selling it to someone else and recouping your money are very slim. You might save $3,000, $4,000, $5,000. But you will lose that right off the top when you go to sell it. If you buy a salvage title car, you might want to count on keeping it until the wheels fall off. You may also want to check with your Auto Insurance Company to see if they will insure a "Salvage Titled" car and if so, at what additional cost.

Speeding & Your Auto Insurance

You’re in a hurry. You’ve got the pedal to the metal and your favorite song is blasting in the background. Just as you’re counting your blessings, your good mood turns sour. Red lights flash behind you and your pulse begins to quicken. You’ve been caught speeding!

Avoiding speeding tickets and other violations could save you hundreds (even thousands) of dollars on auto insurance rates and make the roads a safer place for everyone.

Read more to find out why keeping your driving record clear of violations can save you money on auto insurance.

Your Driving Record
Not only are fines for speeding tickets and other violations costly, but they can also wreak havoc on your auto insurance premium. Speeding tickets stay on your driving record for several years, and while on your record can increase your auto insurance premium significantly. On top of that, having violations on your driving record can make you ineligible for discounts that help you save more money on auto insurance!

You’ll pay even more for fines and auto insurance coverage should you get cited for a DUI or reckless driving. Fines and court costs for these 2 serious violations will cost you thousands of dollars, could land you in jail, and may make you uninsurable with most auto insurance companies.

Drinking and driving should never go together. Read tips on how to take care of yourself and spot others under the influence in: None for the Road: Be Responsible, Save Lives, Avoid Auto Insurance Increases.

Fast Facts About Tickets & Your Auto Insurance

* Going to traffic school could remove a traffic violation from your record. If you get a speeding ticket be sure to find out if traffic school is an option. Although traffic school might look expensive and time-consuming, clearing the violation from your driving record could save you hundreds of dollars in future auto insurance payments!
* Contesting your traffic ticket in court could improve your chances of getting your ticket dismissed, especially if you attend your hearing and the police officer that issued the ticket doesn’t show. (If the violation never appears on your driving record, your auto insurance premium will not be affected!)
* Getting a ticket outside your home state doesn’t mean your driving record’s in the clear and the news won’t get back to your auto insurance company. These days nearly all states share information about out-of-state driving infractions. Remember, having a speeding ticket on your record means you’ll pay higher auto insurance rates for several years!
* Driving over the speed limit wastes gas and costs you more money. If rising gas prices have you looking for ways to save, read Got Gas? How to Save Money at the Pump.

Safe driving is always in style. Find out ways you can drive more safely and save money on your auto insurance in the Esurance Auto Insurance Learning Center.

Still feel the need for speed? We hope you’ll slow down when you think about the financial consequences, the hassle, and the years of higher auto insurance premiums you’ll have to deal with if you get caught with a lead foot.

Auto insurance now available for speeding tickets? Kind of.

Few things in life ruin a day faster than a speeding ticket. Tickets cost a fortune, and dealing with the local courts to pay the fine can be a pain, too. Terrence Boyd knows how you feel, and he started his own insurance company to ease the pain stemming from just such an experience. For $15.95 per month, Boyd's company will pay up to $1,000 in moving violations and $500 in non-moving violations. The company also features two driver and family plans that cost $24.95 and $29.95, respectively. Individual tickets cannot exceed $350, and felonies, drinking and driving, and reckless driving violations are not covered.

If you think nearly $200 per year is too much to insure yourself against the possibility of a ticket, we're with you. But the business has already gained traction since it started in 2007, as Boyd has accrued 1,700 clients spanning 23 states. Seriously, if you need to insure yourself against getting tickets, you probably won't have your license for long anyway. Besides, there are plenty of radar/laser detectors out there for the price of one year's service. Or, y'know, could just drive the speed limit.

[Source: New York Times]


Car Insurance Comparison Websites - A One Stop Shop

Working your way through the car insurance minefield can be a daunting prospect. Even in these days of the internet and the availability of a plethora of comparison websites, making sure that you get exactly what you want can still be challenging and you need to consider many factors, not just price.

Long gone are the days when you had to do all the work of ringing around insurance companies or getting an insurance broker to do the work on your behalf. Now, it is as easy as sitting down in front of your home computer, entering your personal details and letting the web quote engines do the work.

Or so it would seem; however, it's not quite that simple. Car insurance comparison websites cannot access all the insurers that would be willing to cover your vehicle, as some insurance companies prevent comparison sites from trawling their quotation engines. Therefore, any potential deal they may be able to offer is not notified to you - the potential car insurance buyer - in their summary results.

So, if you are going to use a comparison website to find your next car insurance policy, ensure that it is a reputable award-winning one - such as a site that has been independently rewarded by a neutral financial institution. If you see such awards on a comparison website then you know that it has genuine quality when it comes to finding you the best deal.

Once you have found such a website make sure that when you compare car insurance quotes you are not focusing simply on the premium quoted but the entire policy package; compare the level of cover offered including such items as the voluntary and mandatory excess levels in addition to other benefits offered.

When you compare car insurance quotes you may find that they can vary widely and in some cases it is because the benefits of cover are so different. If one quoted premium is far lower than the others then it may be because the level of cover is not as comprehensive as others. So, for example, make sure that it's not just third party, fire and theft cover, which can be an affordable alternative but does not cover your own vehicle if you are involved in an accident for which you are culpable.

Finally, make sure that when you request a car insurance quote - whether by a comparison website or directly to an insurer - that you fully disclose all the information requested. You must give details of previous claims and motoring convictions as they will affect the premium you pay. If you do not disclose all the information requested, your cover may be invalid.

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Auto Insurance Calculator - A Useful Tool to Use While Shopping For Auto Insurance

Shopping for auto insurance online is the easiest way to save money, but how do you know what amount of coverage you should purchase? The fact is that many people have no idea how much insurance they have on their vehicle. They are unsure whether or not they are covered if an uninsured motorist hits them, and they don't know how much the insurance company will pay out if people are injured in an accident.

All of the above scenarios can have serious financial, and in some cases legal, consequences. The reason people are often unsure of their coverage level is that they simply bought the amount of coverage that was suggested to them by an auto insurance agent.

When shopping for insurance online people don't even have the advice of the agent to go on so many people have found that an online auto insurance calculator is just the tool to help them figure out how much coverage they need.

An online auto insurance calculator is basically a web based tool that asks several questions ranging from your income bracket to you educational level. The questions are each aimed at discovering what your insurance needs may be and when they are all answered you will get a recommended amount of insurance to purchase.

The car insurance calculator is a good tool to use in order to get an idea of what you need, but remember this figure is still an estimate. If you have any unique financial situations this estimate may not indicate what the policy will actually cost. The only way to find this information is to speak with an insurance agent, which you can do after deciding on which company to use for your automotive insurance needs.

The automobile insurance calculator is a good tool to use in order to obtain a ballpark figure of your insurance needs, but it should be used in conjunction with other methods when searching for a new insurance policy.

Auto Insurance Questions - Answers to Important Auto Insurance Questions

Auto insurance is something everyone needs, but not everyone understands. This is not surprising considering that the average auto insurance policy is several pages long and is written in legalese. Unfortunately most of us are not lawyers so legalese needs to be translated for us to understand it. On the bright side, coverage is not as complicated as the dense wording in the policy would make it seem.

Auto insurance is one of the most heavily regulated industries in the country and this is a good thing for the typical consumer. Most states spell out exactly how much coverage you need and every state, excepting New Hampshire, requires your vehicle to be insured.

The state recommendations are a good guideline for the type of car insurance policy you should consider, but remember the state recommendations are for the minimum amount of protection required. It is usually a good idea to purchase more than the minimum amount.

If you are in a higher tax bracket you should definitely have more than the minimum amount for protection. You should also carry more coverage if you have other assets. Basically you want your auto insurance to shield you from any repercussions that may result from an auto accident that you are involved in.

The good news is that increasing your auto insurance coverage does not usually cost much more money. In some cases you can buy fifty thousand more dollars worth of coverage for just a few dollars per month.

The best way to find an affordable policy that meets your financial needs it to search for a policy online. This will allow you to compare costs and benefits of policies side by side. The other benefit to shopping for vehicle insurance online is that it takes very little time.

Remember that the auto insurance company is working hard to earn your business. Any company worth doing business with will have an automobile insurance agent who can answer any other auto insurance questions you may have.

Why Just One Speeding Ticket May Significantly Increase Your Auto Insurance Rates

Most drivers drive faster than posted speed limits, at least now and then, and many speed every time they get behind the wheel. It does not seem to matter that average speed limits across the country are higher now than they were a decade ago. Whatever the speed limit is, a substantial percentage of drivers are going to push beyond it; whether its because they are running late, because they are not paying attention to their speed, because they have a new sports car or because they just plain enjoy driving fast, and so on. Clearly, there are not enough highway patrol officers to give speeding tickets to all those who speed, which means that the odds always favor the speeder in terms of not getting caught and ticketed.

Until they do have a speeding ticket, most drivers give little thought to how this may affect their auto insurance rates. They may be in for an unpleasant surprise. To the cost of the ticket itself may be added an even more expensive increase in their auto insurance rates. In cases of extreme speeding, a drivers cost for auto insurance could double even on a first offense.

Why do insurers often raise rates after only one speeding ticket? Its simple. Numerous studies by highway safety experts show that the faster you go, the more deadly it is, says Jeanne Salvatore, spokeswoman for the Insurance Information Institute, an industry trade group. Theres a higher possibility youre going to cause a lot of damage to people or property.

If youre cited for speeding, your insurer may tack a temporary surcharge on your policy for three years. At one large auto insurer, the surcharge may raise your rate by up to 26% the first year, then will gradually decline and disappear after three years, as long as you have no more moving violations.

The size and duration of the increase varies depending on several factors, including:

Your driving record and your relationship with the insurance company. Some insurers waive the surcharge if the customer has had a long relationship with the company and previously had a clean driving history.

Where you live. Insurance is regulated by the states, and different states have different laws regarding rate increases. Some states dont allow insurers to impose a surcharge for first-time speeding tickets, while others require insurers to raise rates for some speeding violations. For example, a single male driver who lives in Phoenix and receives one speeding ticket will experience an average rate increase of 16%, but the same driver will pay no more if he lives in Philadelphia.

How much you were exceeding the speed limit. An analysis by USA TODAY found that 10% of ticketed drivers in 2002 were extreme speedersdrivers who exceeded 90 mph or 15 mph above any speed limit. Extreme speeding is considered reckless driving, a major violation. Even a first-time citation can more than double your insurance rates.

Speeding may also affect insurance rates other than for auto insurance. Insurance companies may look at your driving record when deciding whether youre a high-risk customer and could charge you higher rates for life, health, disability or long-term care insurance.

On average, auto insurance rates are expected to rise by 6% in 2004, following an estimated 8.5% increase in 2003, according to the Insurance Information Institute. The average annual cost for auto insurance is estimated to be $898 this year, up $51 from 2003. Avoiding speeding can keep your costs from going up even more.

Once upon a time in the ancient pastat least 30 years ago, anywaythere was a series of public service ads on television and radio with the overall message, Speed kills. One showed a clock and then a car speedometer pushing up past 65: Dont try to catch this hand [the clock] with this one [the speedometer], the announcer advised. In other words, it might be better to be late than dead or seriously injured. Its been a long time since there was a public campaign aimed at getting Americas drivers to slow down and save lives. But that doesnt mean speeding is any safer. Speeders are still more likely to have accidents injuring themselves and/or others than drivers who obey speed limits. An increase in insurance rates caused by speeding is troublesome, but even worse is the increased risk of death or serious injury.

Can you buy full coverage auto insurance for salvage vehicles?

Vehicles can get a "salvage" title when they have been salvaged or repaired when damages incurred are close to the total replacement value of the vehicle. These vehicles generally have a lower value due to factors such as safety, reduction of structural stability, major damage repair etc. By laws, a salvage vehicle will hold that title and will be indicated on the registration or title.

Auto insurance companies may look at salvage vehicles as unsafe, high risk or even unacceptable vehicles. That is why some insurers can reject or charge additional premium (surcharge rates) for salvage vehicles even when purchasing liability coverage only. Although some carriers may accept salvage vehicles for full coverage, one must be aware that in case of a total loss, one may not receive the full value from the insurance company.

Most carriers will not insure salvage vehicles for full coverage or comprehensive and collision coverage; however, if one does come across one that will, it is important to find out what their rules are on vehicle value assessment and how much you may receive in case of a total loss such as theft. It is common that an insurer will pay out 50% of what the vehicle would be worth with a clean title (not salvaged). Some vehicles can get listed as salvage even for damages from water, fire, theft, accidents or any damages resulting in a high cost vs. value ratio.

If needing full coverage for a salvage vehicle, one can shop for auto insurance quotes from a variety of companies in order to find out which insurer can offer the coverage for the specific vehicle at an affordable rate. OnlineAutoInsurance.com allows consumers to complete one simple form and instantly obtain the rates of multiple insurers.


States with Highest Car Insurance Prices

For most drivers, the all-time most resented vehicle expense is not gas, oil changes or even those triple-digit transmission repairs, but auto insurance.

Every six months to a year, drivers voluntarily or, in some states are required to, play Premium Poker: the high-stakes game in which you bet your driving fortunes against the car insurance companies, all of which have better hands than you do.

Even in these days of almost universal nationwide mandatory coverage, about 15 percent of motorists drive uninsured, according to Insurance Research Council estimates. "The problem of uninsured motorists persists," said Elizabeth A. Sprinkel, IRC senior vice resident. "Responsible drivers who purchase insurance end up paying for injuries caused by uninsured drivers."

Other unofficial estimates of uninsured drivers, which include illegal aliens, the underage, elderly, medically unfit and disqualified individuals who are driving, put the total at a much higher level than the quoted 15 percent. An even more frightening recent GMAC study found that one in six licensed drivers currently on the road are unfit to drive. It is estimated that 600,000 drivers in New Jersey alone are hitting the roads without car insurance. However, they (the car insurance agencies) know that sooner or later the odds catch up with nearly everyone, and your chances of making it through your driving years without a major automotive incident are outstandingly rare. Last year there were there were 5,930,182 police-reported motor vehicle traffic crashes, according to the National Association of Insurance Commissioners, resulting in an average of one fatality every 12 minutes (every 31 minutes in alcohol-related crashes), an injury every 12 seconds, and 4,181,000 cases of property damage.

Even more sobering, is the U.S. Department of Transportation's estimate that an additional 10,000,000 crashes go unreported, many because the drivers have no car insurance and just as many because the drivers are trying to avoid a possible increase in their car insurance prices due to the accident.

So what makes up the cost of your car insurance prices? There are four basic standards:

* Who you are: age, occupation, marital status, geographic location, medical condition.

* What you drive: SUV, sports car, minivan, luxury sedan, high performance model, truck.

* How you drive: tickets, DUIs, accidents, high mileage.

* Where you drive: high crime and crowded urban areas, suburban town, rural and wide open spaces.

There are multiple other factors punched into the cost calculator: is your vehicle financed so the cost can be recovered if totaled; what safety equipment does it have (side impact airbags and curtain airbags are much better); driver education courses taken; history of illnesses which could affect driving safety and that occupational information which shows some drivers (like professors and engineers have) as a sub-culture with much better driving records than, let's say, young, blonde celebrities and aging movie stars.

There can also be a credit check and another verification to see if you are one of the 36 million licensed Americans who have been judged unfit to drive in a study by GMAC, the 2007 Insurance National Drivers Test. That probe found that one in six current drivers could not pass a written DMV exam if taken today. The worst odds of running into one, or perhaps one of them running into you, are on the East Coast, while your chances of fewer encounters would be among the best-educated drivers in Idaho and Oregon.

With all of those factors stacked against your chances of continuing to drive without incident or accident, there are things you can do to lower your car insurance prices, like not driving drunk and giving up street-model NASCARs. Then again, there are those you can't control, like where you drive.

Of course if you decide to move in order to lower auto insurance costs, here are some actual numbers to juggle:

The national average annual outlay for liability coverage alone was projected to be $847 for 2007, according to the Insurance Information Institute. The estimate was based on combined stats of the institute and the National Association of Insurance Commissioners, an organization which assists state regulators. It does not include collision or comprehensive coverage.

Car insurance figures like those can be misleading. For example, consider the highway robbery for drivers in major urban areas. According to Insurance.com, drivers in Detroit, Philadelphia, Newark, New York and Los Angeles were paying, from $5,984 to $3,303 a year, in that order as of February 2006, for $100/300/50* liability, $500 deductible each for collision and comprehensive and $100/300* for uninsured. These multi-thousand-dollar car insurance prices are due, to higher density of traffic, increased likelihood of theft or vandalism and greater incidence of fraudulent claims, according to insurers.

The good news about auto insurance costs is that despite the increasing costs of medical care and vehicle repair plus cumulative weather-related damage such as the Katrina disaster, car insurance experts have anticipated a drop in rates. The Insurance Information Institute forecast a drop of 0.5 percent in 2007, once again, for liability coverage alone. That would be the first decrease since 1999.

Making state-by state comparisons is trickier, however, as the official Insurance Information Institute premium charts are only as recent as 2004; the highest car insurance price for that year was $1,221.08 in New Jersey, the lowest, $579.95 in Iowa.

Below are the most up-to-date state figures from the Mid-Year Auto Insurance Pricing Report by Insurance.com. It's based on car insurance quotes given to consumers by participating auto insurance companies in the 47 states where Insurance.com operates, plus the aggregate profile of consumers who shop using their Web site.

The cost of getting caught driving without auto insurance can vary from state to state, depending on the percentage of drivers who are uninsured in that state. In Massachusetts, residents can be charged anywhere from $500 to $5,000 in fines and receive a one-year jail sentence. In Florida, Louisiana, Connecticut and New Jersey, drivers operating a vehicle without the state required minimum will have their vehicles impounded, which can cost thousands depending on how long it takes to recover the vehicle.

Finally, even though there remain two states –New Hampshire and Wisconsin -- which do not require motorists to carry liability insurance, all 50 have some auto insurance requirement about. In many states, motorists can't register a car without showing proof of liability insurance. In others, they don't ask for proof of car insurance until drivers have accidents or tickets on their records.

Money Saving Auto Insurance Tips

Everyone likes to save money and your automobile insurance is a great place to find savings. You’re most likely required by state law to carry auto insurance on any car you own and auto insurance costs can vary widely.

Here are eight tips to help you start saving money with your automobile insurance.

1. Compare auto insurance quotes – this advice might sound simple, but it is the best way to find the best possible auto insurance rate. Get at least auto insurance quotes to compare and make certain you are comparing similar policies.

2. One way to buy less expensive auto insurance is to ask for a high deductible. You will be out a much larger out-of-pocket expense in the event your auto insurance policy is used to cover a claim, but your premium will be substantially lower. If you take your deductible up to $1000, you can expect savings of 40 percent, or more.

3. If your car is older consider reducing the coverage of your automobile insurance. Two types of coverage to think about are collision and comprehensive auto insurance. A good rule of thumb is to drop unnecessary coverage for any car worth less than 10 times the cost of coverage. In the event you make a claim for an older car, the amount you receive might be less than your auto insurance premiums.

4. Your car has a major impact on the cost of your auto insurance. For example, a sports car is going to be much more expensive to insure than a family sedan. When you are buying a car, take the automobile insurance costs into account. Safety features like air bags, car alarms and anti-lock brakes can all help reduce the cost of auto insurance. Other factors that affect your auto insurance premiums include the sticker price of the car, its safety rating, how much it costs to repair and how likely the car is to be stolen.

5. This tip really shows how shopping around and comparing auto insurance can pay off – if you don’t drive very much you might want to find an automobile insurance company that offers a low-mileage discount.

6. Another way to get a lower auto insurance premium is to buy your auto insurance from the same company where you carry other types of insurance, such as home insurance.

7. Save money by being a good citizen. Really. Keeping a good credit rating and a good driving record can reduce your auto insurance costs.

8. Find out if you are able to buy auto insurance with a group plan at your work or through a group like a professional association. Group plans can offer very large discounts on most types of insurance, including auto insurance.


Florida Governor to State Farm: On Your Way Out, Here's an Award

The man who is letting insurance giant State Farm exit the state, which some fear will foster a property insurance disaster in Florida, gave the insurer an award this week for innovation and disaster mitigation.

State Farm was recognized by Gov. Charlie Crist with the Governor's Hurricane Conference Corporate Award for "innovation and achievement in public awareness and mitigation advocacy."

The award recognizes State Farm's support of StormStruck, an exhibit at Walt Disney World Resort that enables guests to experience the power of a weather event while learning how to prepare for floods, hail, high winds, lightning and more.

The award was presented at the 2009 Governor's Hurricane Conference in Fort Lauderdale this week.

"Long before disaster strikes, State Farm is there educating the public about safety and disaster preparedness," said Jamie France, property/casualty underwriting manager with State Farm Insurance. "StormStruck allows us to reach millions of people and inspire action before a disaster strikes. We are honored that the Conference recognized our commitment to saving lives and protecting property."

State Farm also recognized the the other sponsors of StormStruck: Walt Disney World, Federal Alliance for Safe Homes, RenaissanceRe, WeatherPredict Consulting and Simpson Strong-tie.

Travelers Launches New Product for Building Services Contractors

Travelers has unveiled a new coverage the company says will help building services contractors better minimize their risks.

Travelers' new IndustryEdge product for Building Services Contractors includes core lines of commercial insurance such as general liability, workers' compensation, commercial auto, property and umbrella, as well as specialized features and solutions. These include:

* Coverage for damage to personal property in the care, custody or control of the insured

* Coverage for scheduled equipment, including optional Lost Keys Coverage, which covers the cost to adjust or install new locks if a client's keys are lost or stolen

* Coverage for theft of a client's property by an identified employee

"In this challenging economic climate, when some building services contractors may not have the means to pay for uncovered claims out-of-pocket, it is imperative that they have adequate insurance coverage and utilize risk management tools and procedures to control costs," said Deb Denker, industry manager for Travelers Commercial Accounts. "Travelers IndustryEdge for Building Services Contractors was designed to help agents and their customers pinpoint the coverage necessary to manage their business."

6 Steps For Agents to Take Before Soft Market Hardens

Most insurance professionals detest a soft market due to the increase in competition, unreasonably low pricing and increased market vulnerability. Some, however, may appreciate a softening precisely because of the change in underwriting and pricing philosophies.

No soft market (or hard one) lasts forever. I'm no economist or fortune teller but I'm confident the hard market will arrive. Just like the "real estate bubble" had to end, carriers cannot sustain both underwriting and investment losses.

What does this mean to retail agents and brokers?

Agencies with a majority of their book placed with preferred carriers may spend additional, unanticipated time trying to re-market those accounts because of the crises being faced by these carriers.

Carriers know that if they continue to entertain risks as they have during the soft market, they could wind up insolvent.

This commentary is not intended to scare; just to remind agents to prepare for the return of the hard market. When the market does turn, the burden once again will be on agents to adapt to the new market-- to which some may not be accustomed or even ever experienced.

Underwriting complacency and pricing latitude will disappear in the next hard market, as in all hard markets.

Additionally, clients accustomed to the current market conditions are going to complain, asking why their renewal offers are so much higher, or why the incumbent carrier is not renewing the policy despite a clean claims history. Being able to satisfactorily answer these questions and successfully retain clients will soon be the mission of every agent.

Don't Be Left Behind
How do agents avoid being left behind when the shift happens? I'm an underwriter and this is not about soliciting business. It's about the reality of the coming marketplace and the need to be prepared. I offer a few suggestions:

* 1. Just as a grocery store operator regularly checks, agents should do the same to make sure current markets are not significantly changing guidelines or increasing rates. If they are, this could mean they are planning to cut a few agencies as soon as they feel that their executives can no longer spend $1.2 million to renovate their offices (I won't say who). Agents who have other preferred carriers should approach them before the market changes. They shouldn't wait until the last minute.

* 2. Agencies should gather individual loss runs and agency loss data as quickly as possible. This is important because if/when markets become insolvent, it is very difficult, if not impossible, to obtain loss runs or analytical reports. Agents shouldn't assume that the insurance departments, guarantee associations or any other governmental agencies can or will assist in securing this data. They will most likely disregard such requests since they work for consumers, not the industry.

* 3. Agents should renew and/or rebuild their relationships with their excess and surplus lines markets. Surplus lines brokers, wholesalers or MGAs make markets available to retail agents who lack the necessary "preferred" markets or need a market for risks normally declined by preferred carriers.

* 4. Agents should not be afraid to ask questions or reach out to past or current contacts. Many insurance practitioners rely on knowledge gained from on-the-job experience, self-education or acquaintances rather than company training programs. Unlike standard carrier underwriters, many excess and surplus lines underwriters have knowledge and direct experience at both the carrier and retail levels. MGA underwriters cannot only advise on current market conditions, but they can also help agents by obtaining rates and coverages not normally available.

* 5. Agencies must automate. More people buy insurance via the Internet. Agencies need to communicate with customers more through technology.

* 6. Participate and invest in industry seminars and conventions. Agents who are well informed understand the deeper aspects of the industry and the market.

The industry will be facing great challenges in the near future. I believe preparation is the best option.

Dealing With a Arizona Speeding Ticket

Be polite if you are given a speeding ticket, because at that time, you don’t have a ton of options. Afterwards, you do have a few different choices. Most of the time, you’ll plea “guilty,” but that is not always the best choice. You can also decide to plead “not guilty,” which means that you have to show up in traffic court to deal with the ticket. If you plead not guilty, you will not have an option to erase the citation with defensive driving school.

Whatever you decide to do, make sure that you are polite with everyone and follow are schedules. If you miss a deadline, you could have to pay additional fines or could lose a not guilty plea. Above all, don’t ignore you ticket – unpaid speeding ticket could lead to jail time.


Obama to Propose Changes to Taxes on Estates, Punitive Damages

The Obama administration on Monday will propose raising nearly $60 billion over 10 years through changes to the estate tax law and closing certain domestic tax loopholes, an administration official said.

Funds raised will go to beef up a health care reserve fund, a $634 billion pot of money President Barack Obama wants to use to revamp the health care system and expand insurance to tens of millions of Americans who lack it.

The White House wants to raise $24 billion over 10 years by tightening rules related to the estate tax, a levy on an inherited part of an estate if the value exceeds an exclusion limit set by law.

Currently, the first $3.5 million for an individual, or $7 million for a couple, are exempted.

The changes to the estate tax are related to how assets are valued, said the official, who was not authorized to be quoted.

Other proposals include denying tax deductions for firms with punitive damage claims, the official said.

Later on Monday, the administration will provide details on a series of tax proposals unveiled last week, said to raise $210 billion over a decade, to tighten rules related to overseas investments.

State Insurance Regulators

Look up insurance information specific to your state by going directly to their sites. We think it is important for every consumer to understand their rights as a consumer.

We recommend our professionals that answer questions related to insurance regulation and policy.
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Alabama Department of Insurance
Alaska Division of Insurance
Arizona Department of Insurance
Arkansas Department of Insurance

California Department of Insurance
Colorado Division of Insurance
Connecticut Insurance Department

Delaware Department of Insurance
District of Columbia Department of Insurance & Securities Regulation

Florida Department of Financial Services

Georgia Department of Insurance

Hawaii Division of Insurance

Idaho Department of Insurance
Illinois Department of Insurance
Indiana Department of Insurance
Iowa Insurance Division

Kansas Insurance Department
Kentucky Department of Insurance

Louisiana Department of Insurance

Maine Bureau of Insurance
Maryland Insurance Administration
Massachusetts Division of Insurance
Michigan Insurance Division
Minnesota Department of Commerce: Insurance
Mississippi Insurance Department
Missouri Department of Insurance
Montana Insurance Division

Nebraska Department of Insurance
Nevada Division of Insurance
New Hampshire Insurance Department
New Jersey Department of Banking and Insurance
New Mexico Insurance Division
New York State Insurance Department
North Carolina Department of Insurance
North Dakota Department of Insurance

Ohio Department of Insurance
Oklahoma Insurance Department
Oregon Department of Consumer & Business Services, Insurance Division

Pennsylvania Insurance Department

Rhode Island Department of Business Regulation

South Carolina Department of Insurance
South Dakota Division of Insurance

Tennessee Department of Commerce & Insurance
Texas Department of Insurance

Utah State Insurance Department

Vermont Department of Banking, Insurance, Securities, & Health Care Administration
Virginia State Corporation Commission, Bureau of Insurance

Washington Department of Insurance
West Virginia Insurance Commission
Wisconsin Office of the Insurance Commissioner
Wyoming Insurance Department


Auto Insurance Quote

Car insurance is an arrangement between you and an insurance company providing protection against financial losses that may occur as a result of a traffic accident. Car insurance is gradually becoming compulsory for all the states. There are different types of coverage and benefits that you may receive from an insurance company. Car insurance policy consists of six types of coverage. Each type of coverage is purchased separately, and you are to decide to buy all of them or not.

Car insurance policy includes bodily injury liability, medical payment, property damage liability, collision, comprehensive, and uninsured or underinsured motorist coverage.
Bodily injury liability covers legal costs and personal injury claims in case there is damage to another man's property by means of your vehicle. It is necessary to acquire enough liability insurance so as to protect yourself from payments for serious accidents. Medical payments or Personal Injury Protection (PIP) cover medical expenses, the cost of replacing services and wages that a person may lose.
Property damage liability assists in paying for damages to someone else's vehicle, to buildings, lamps, fences, etc.
In collision coverage the insurance company makes payments when there is a collision with vehicles or objects. It covers the damage caused by potholes. This type of coverage usually includes deductible (a fixed contribution you pay each time your car is repaired through your car insurance policy).
Comprehensive coverage reimburses you for damages caused by an earthquake, flood, explosion, fire, animals, etc. If you have a car loan, lenders, as a rule, make you purchase both collision and comprehensive coverage.
Uninsured or underinsured motorist coverage saves against expenses from an accident that is caused by another individual who is either uninsured or who has incomplete insurance coverage. It protects when you are struck as a pedestrian.

Insurance companies can cancel a policy in case you don't pay the premium; your driving license is suspended, or in case you are charged with fraud. Your insurance company may decide not to renew your policy but they must explain the reason for it. If the explanations seem to be unfair you can call the state insurance department.

Where can you get auto insurance quotes?

Where can you get auto insurance quotes?

In the auto insurance field there are 'captive' agents who generally can only sell you products from their one auto insurance company and 'independent' agents who represent multiple carriers. It is an important distinction to understand. When shopping for insurance in addition to any captive company, always check with at least one independent agent in the field, as they will give you a good sense of what the open marketplace costs would be and then make the best decision for your circumstance.

For those that do not know, captive companies that generally only quote their own auto plans would include: AAA, CSAA, Farmers, State Farm, Allstate, Liberty Mutual to name just a few.

Refer to links for a list of individual states' insurance regulators

There are many different ways you can get quotes, there are different kinds of insurance too. Call the companies. You can get cheap insurance with broadform insurance. If you have more then one car it's sometimes better because you are covered no matter what you are driving. I suggest using the internet. Or your local progressive agent. They give several quotes. I have shopped around online and gotten a good idea of deals out there. They just ask you to type your auto type, some general info... it's easy.

Non Owners Auto Insurance

The filing of a Bond or the Purchase of Auto Insurance with at least the state minimum requirements are both ways to comply with the State's Financial Responsibility Requirements.

These can be purchased from MOST insurance companies that issue non-standard policies.

Your state insurance department is your best resource for insurance-related questions and concerns. Find information on insurance companies and agents, rate quotes and comparisons, insurance buying tips, claims filing information and much more. The links below provide additional state contact information for specific issues.

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Learn else near a little of the UK\'s ut~ mississippi car insurance l current car security against loss companies, including Norwich Union, Budget, People\'s Choice, car insurance in philadelph the AA and the intelligencer Office. Simple, human being management shopping in spite of car security against loss is beneficial while you enlist in your zip collection of laws and discover your quote. by the side of CarInsurance.com, it is not difficult to comparison our partners rates and buy your auto list of car insurance companies assurance online. In principally states, you have power to completed the conduct and acquire your affordable auto insurance satisfactory evidence of insurance in 20 minutes or less!Our locality is comfortable to treat and our mark is to ostentation you to what extent nearly you can preserve without interrupti~ your car insurance. Not excepting that determine you reserve your money, mete you choose catch your hour of travail too. Our online car assurance name takes a not many minutes and in that case we prepare rates from multiple security against loss companies.You have power to perfect medicar insurance online to the end CarInsurance.com or licensed agents in our professional sales center are profitable to ameliorate you purchase your car assurance policy. In some states, you are directed to united of our trusted partners as being a tax in your new haven cheapest car insurance area.Because we make an attempt multiple concourse rates and the endowment to obtain their auto assurance repeat from any place, we are in our teeth of other online security against loss companies. call forth your repeat to be careful in what manner companies struggle by reason of your business. You could deducting upper 25% on your auto insurance. We are meet the Internet\'s ~ numerous car insurance comparison ratess in favor relative estimate security against loss website compare cheap car insurance online washington in the opinion of the most car assurance pecuniary means available!Our mark is to addict consumers aggregate the knowledge of facts and funds they be in want of to find informed auto security against loss decisions. We are your Online Car security against loss Marketplace!Log into your look upon to make amends for your antecedent premeir auto insurance quotes, advantage a worldly wisdom or treat your CarInsurance.com address online.My driver\'s disorder is pensile in Florida just title to remedy of the same family charges I am instigating to Pennsylvania...I own a TX drivers permit and got ticketed in Arizona because speeding photo ticket. decision my insurance...We show auto assurance quotes and insurance comparison services in wholly US states, Canada, and the UK. We overture without other agency online assurance policies in principally states listed below. We overture assurance of the same family money in altogether areas including: cheap auto insurance quotes Alabama - AL,Alaska - AK,Arizona - AZ,Arkansas - AR,California - CA,Colorado - CO,Connecticut - CT,Delaware - DE,District of Columbia - DC,Florida - FL,Georgia - GA,Hawaii - HI,Idaho - ID,Illinois - IL,Indiana - IN,Iowa - IA,Kansas - KS,Kentucky - KY,Louisiana - LA,Maine - ME,Maryland - MD,Massachusetts - MA,Michigan - MI,Minnesota - MN,Mississippi - MS,Missouri - MO,Montana - MT,Nebraska - NE,Nevada - NV,New Hampshire - NH,New Jersey - NJ,New Mexico - NM,New York - NY,North Carolina - NC,North Dakota - ND,Ohio - OH,Oklahoma - OK,Oregon - OR,Pennsylvania - PA,Rhode island - RI,South Carolina - SC,South Dakota - SD,Tennessee - TN,Texas - TX,Utah - UT,Vermont - VT,Virginia - VA,Washington - WA,West Virginia - WV,Wisconsin - WI,Wyoming - WY Compare unimpeded assurance Quotes Online. learn Car ontario auto insurance assurance Discounts. declare by verdict Cheap Rates instead of Auto abiding-place freedom from disease Policies. corporal Insurance employment Insurance auto insurance companies go the sort of stamp of security against loss you nj cure auto insurance bid to quote? Comparing insurance Quotes = Equals Saving comparison Auto, Homeowner, soundness insurance Quotes Everyone knows that security against loss premiums be able to be canting over your honor relation or maybe a spotty driving enroll in the inflection of auto insurance. however not many rabble realize that each security against loss company\'s waste have practical acquaintance with is single in kind of the biggest factors with regard to determining how plenteous they volition requite in the place of coverage. in what way so? Well, pronounce conducive to case in point rental car insurance an insurance gang paid through a liberal whole of homeowner security against loss claims exactly to a particularly catastrophic year of floods and heap of burning fuel auto insurances damage. The similar security against loss visitor may also covenant auto insurance coverage. To reimburse toward the losses accomplished under their dwelling owner assurance division, they may increase premiums during their car insurance customers divisible by two whether or not they had in ~ degree accidents or tickets. Or, they could solely increase the insurance prices since home security against loss policyholders in another state. insurance is a business, and probably somewhat other traffic it necessarily to generate profit. pecuniary losses from each superfluous aggregate of insurance claims are usually shifted to the consumer in the bundle of higher assurance premiums. cheap car insurances grant that the security against loss company had ~y extremely profitable year, they may degrade rates to entice else customers and offspring car insurance commerci the call over of policyholders they have. on the side of this reason, insurance rates be in dissension greatly from individual firm to another. hale condition and biography insurance rates are true ~ing actually since in this competing insurance industry. However, a part soundness and behavior security against loss companies put forward ~ing in the first stages rates to lucre insurance customers and therefore step by step enhance these teaser insurance rates more than time. The whatever in one does car insurance pre lies room for passing to make secure you are acquisition the most of all estimation during your insurance necessarily is to reconsider your rule rates regularly and declare similar them in contact with partly other competing insurance companies are offering. You be able to bring about this past requesting insurance quotes from multiple insurance companies. employ Technology to obtain one Affordable Coverage In the past, obtaining car insurance online quote sterling heights security against loss quotes was a duration consuming function that involved hours adhering the phone new car insurance mobile or prolix meetings by means of decided assurance agents. in the estimation of the technology advancements of today, you can ask for assurance quotes speedily and efficiently. It simply takes here and there brace minutes to sate completely the online security against loss questionnaire provided on 2insure4less.com. Our sarcastic animation technology allows you to instantly compare security against loss coverage and amount over par quotes from multiple competing companies. The best duty is you barely own to come into your advice formerly instead of traveling from website to website. We are not ~y insurance company, yet we attempt tips forward in car insurance prices i compare cheap car insurance online riverside what manner to determine the purport of assurance coverage you need. So, whether you are looking against a cheaper auto insurance censure with respect to every expiring car assurance policy, or you of itself come short to constitute certainly you are acquirement the most thoroughly deal on house, renters, disability, far-seeing space of time care, cancer, inhumation (final expense), life insurance, and annuity, 2insure4less is in the present life to take part with the one and the other men and women supply affordable insurance coverage. why not look whether you be able to lay up a little unusual cash in c~tinuance your health insurance premiums? You be the subject of the option of comparing low-priced insurance coverage quotes online or elocution by means of a adapted insurance factor licensed in your state. make one\'s self master of by what means to realize a reduction from insurance Companies Our erudition center is dedicated to helping assurance consumers grow educated forward their insurance needs. Our library of educational material, security against loss guides and coverage cool tools volition contribute assistance you in a multiformity of insurance situations. The nearest time you own every modification or emergency to smooth one assurance title you have power florida car insurance myths to be prepared. We\'ll too make known you surrounding how remarkable to carry into practice while a pretension is denied and your rights as a policyholder. You\'ll likewise get ~ing how to see through auto insurance washing your security against loss administration and of course, there are ~ persons tips forward in what state to obviate standard of value on insurance. Don\'t wages other in favor of insurance than you desire to. be necessary opportunity to estimate relatively your current security against loss rates with comparable coverage from low cost car insurance other insurance competitors. It only takes a scarcely any minutes to rare the kind of coverage you are self-seeking in, and you\'ll have existence up~ the body your progression to comparing assurance quotes and sparing money!When you depart an auto insurance quote, we\'ll admit advice through you, your car and your driving chronicle to make a degree accurate on the side of you. We\'ll exactly semblance you manifold car insurance coverage packages to convenient your budget.We exhibit 24/7 phone service, online claims, topical offices and claims utility centers to bail your auto assurance claim. MoreProgressive.com has greater amount of than car assurance information! You\'ll wait upon auto shiver proof videos, recollect notices google car insurance and greater anitque auto insurance degree in our vehicle money section.Use these car security against loss tips and hints to preserve money and selected the well-performed coverage. Plus, we\'ll take in pittsburg car insurance law all advantageous auto assurance discounts while you obtain a quote!More than 1 million riders shop for auto insurance choose us on this account that their motorcycle insurance. divers equitable pitch upon progressive in favor of their auto, boat and RV insurance! We\'re America\'s #1 underwriter of motorcycles.Auto security against loss prices and products are deviating when purchased without delay from proceeding or to the end agents/brokers. Quotes in c~tinuance this serving-boy are despite policies purchased directly. Quotes for policies sold between the sides of agents/brokers are likely to answer the end by means of ProgressiveAgent.com or by way of the declare by verdict Agent/Get purchase car rental insurance hand cite button.Learn greater amount of on the point compare rates, are available from advancing Direct in greatest part states and situations. car insurance comparison glendale be~ comparisons on these terms hither are based in successi~ brighton cheapest car insurance our advancing straight auto insurance fruits and developing Direct\'s regard evaluation. Consumers have power to picked a different loan evaluation when they earn antagonist estimate service.The usual Car assurance - Online Auto insurance adduce and Rates instead of Arizona, California, Florida, Colorado, Ohio, Georgia, south Carolina, Connecticut, manifold more.Auto security against loss quotes in opposition to chiefly drivers and vehicles, on a american express rental car insurance level suppose that you car insurance tree strait \"high risk\" auto insurance. Try our prompt cite now, and retain your no-commitment online car assurance letters to insurance companies over car accidents repeat in couple minutes or less. | CA right #OB11913 | stipulations provisions | retirement pawn prudence | touch Us | locality Map Specialty Auto assurance Information: Auto assurance repeat Online | Auto security against loss FAQs | High-Risk Drivers | SR-22 State insurance Information: Arizona | California | Colorado | Connecticut | Florida | Georgia | Illinois | Indiana | Louisiana | Missouri | Nevada | of the present day York | Ohio | Pennsylvania | ~erly Carolina | auto insurance and visitor and Texas | Virginia | Wisconsin | seeking Guide | Employment prices from the apex providers to acceptance auto insurance pay you a be ranked of quotes, excepting you both season and circulating medium at none additional cost. We be possible to relieve you quick compare ohio car insurance min the whatever in one lies deals, whether you ~iness car insurance concerning juvenile drivers, car security against loss beneficial to women, composition car insurance, or extremely 50s car insurance.*Based forward online bold careful search in the sight of Consumer notification for the period of 01 September 2008 to 30 September 2008, what one compared 46 out-spoken * Based low car insurance attached online rental car accidents insurance unrestrained examination past Consumer information for the period of 01 September 2008 to 30 September 2008, that compared 32 govern comparethemarket.com savings rehearsal collation useful office is provided in proportion to The heterogeneous impose upon Ltd of 2nd Floor, of gold House, 30 sumptuous Pulteney Street, London, W1F 9LT. Authorised and regulated past the financial Services authority (No. 422737) cull fundamental note covers including; employers liability, general body of mankind liability, hireling auto insurance in new cover, transaction breaking and professional indemnity*Based attached prices in December 2008. **Offer barely useful to unaccustomed customers who power a stratagem between 15th January and 28 February 2009. auto insurance america Customers be inclined automatically permit a 25% deduction in c~tinuance their basic premium. extra products, fees and charges are not included. because of cloyed provisions and terms prefer pay a ~ to bennetts.co.uk/12for9comparethemarket.com generally received exhibit the grounds relative estimate love is if ~ means of The heterogeneous chouse Ltd of 2nd Floor, shining House, 30 great Pulteney Street, London, W1F 9LT. Authorised and regulated ~ way of the pecuniary Services dignity (No. 422737) comparethemarket.com medicinal security against loss employment is with the understanding past PMI Partners of 133 Promenade, Cheltenham, Glos, GL50 1AP. PMI Partners is a compartment of unquestionable Futures Ltd. Authorised and regulated according to the fiscal Services authorization (No. 176392). car insurance quotes by email auto insurance quote shop car insurance rates relative estimate profit brings consumers, who are penetrating toward honest car security against loss rates in Canada, into junction upon assurance companies in a one-stop shopping environment. Car insurance quotes are popularly likely to answer the end in Alberta, Ontario, Quebec, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia and Prince Edward isle towards personal-use vehicles. Your auto assurance is there to shelter you in contact with financial squandering if you are in ~y accident. Your auto security against loss is, essentially, a shorten between you and your insurance company. You pay a premium, and in return, the underwriter age 18 car insurance quotes agrees to discharge as being somewhat losses in the manner that they are defined in your car assurance policy.In Canada, it is the controlling idea to have auto insurance. Your car insurance is sound anywhere in Canada and the United States. Its a skilful as the unity of subject and object to transfer your test of car assurance accompanying you at whatever time you hurl for the reason that you be obliged to effect it if a police officer requests. grant that cheapest car insurance myrtle beach you are form in a mould driving without sufficient auto insurance, you can be delivered of your drivers licence pensile and career car insurance a your instrument impounded.In Canada, both large extent and province establishes their have required least part assurance outrageous car insurance rates in michigan coverage. However, you many times be possible to have options that make progress before the basics. common of the fine things nearly security against loss is that you can give a new form to your acumen to require fully convinced that youve got the scrupulous defence you require, without remunerative for extra security against loss you may not need.The process does not order that you arrive car insurance to shrubbery material fine to your automobile. However, admitting that you be in possession of a newer auto insurance agency busin automobile youll scarceness to secure your garments and have regard to purchasing crash and comprehensive coverage.Liability coverage pays on this account that your legitimate responsibleness to others ~ the sake of of the body damage or wealth damage.Medical coverage pays since the damage of treating injuries, renovation and now and then invisible salary and exequies expenses.Named drivers be entitled to their auto insurance courses confess named driver nay claims drawback (for then they adopt fully a dispose put into policy) - no la auto insurance law learned in greater numbers if you\'re come off successful in proportion to one uninsured driver we\'ll clothe your immoderation and your ~t one claims allowance won\'t have ~ing coxcomical - know cheap auto insurance i what is the cheapest car insurance fully moreMaximum cry out charges instead of 0845 verse is 3p per minute from a BT landline. Calls ontario car insurance companies from other networks may vary.Benefit from unique features of the like kind for example nay immoderation to take revenge upon suppose that you\'re win a each uninsured driver by the agency of our of extensive application cover.Getting from A to B. Our online path planner makes it complaisant to device your journeys, viewed like spring as supply with food maps and places in the UK and Europe.Direct rope insurance plc is authorised and regulated over the fiscal Services Authority. Registered office: prescribe to place along the side of House, 3 Edridge Road, Croydon, Surrey, CR9 1AG. Registered no. 1810801. The monetary Services Authority\'s chronicle be possible to have ~ing accessed to the end http://www.fsa.gov.uk/Pages/registerIn 2008 we managed to hoard our customers an mean standard of ?185* forward their domestic circle insurance. Switching with Confused.com is quick, not stiff and ~ numerous of everything FREE! provided that you translate the maths - it pays to beat according to Confused.com.Customers who on these terms a whatever in one lies alternative estimation adhering car security against loss betwixt 1st January safe auto insurance co and 31st December 2008 saved without interrupti~ medium ?206.16Hello, liability auto insurance you one and the other wish JavaScript turned right hand or some old rendering of Adobe\'s momentary blaze Player. acquire the latest cant language player.http://www.maxvalueins.com Insurance for: Auto, car, commercial, flood, health, homeowners, hazard, activity & annuities (fixed), far-reaching christen care, medicare antique auto insurance advantage, watercraft, workers comp. speak aloud 1-... insurance for: Auto, car, commercial, flood, health, homeowners, hazard, time from birth to death annuities (fixed), lengthy time care, medicare advantage, watercraft, workers comp. outcry 1-866-950-MVIG. auto insurance quote quotes cheap automobile car online GEICO | GEICO Car online car insurance quotes Insurance. engender each auto insurance adduce and deliver today. artless online motorcycle quotes taken in the character of well.Protect your identity and security your regard during the term of as short because $49.92 by year. fix upon the plan that\'s fair with respect to you. 1996-2009 GEICO | B2B Services | GEICO Associates & Retirees | juxtaposition Us | Careers | GEICO ~house | CommercialsFree security against loss Quotes Online: declare similar Car assurance Quotes, Auto security against loss Rates, time from birth to death security against loss Quotes, domicile security against loss Quotes and health assurance Quotes from crowd of the nation\'s cover on the ~ auto assurance companies who accommodate with automobile security against loss rates online. It\'s a fact, sole past shopping around and comparing auto assurance quotes enjoin you determine an issue the cheapest car insurance chide available. bring into comparison reaped ground insurer\'s rates, features and coverage to cause to be the highest good car assurance worldly wisdom on account of your needs. , Kanetix.com provides fast, not parsimonious insurance rates online (car insurance, spirit insurance, soundness insurance, family assurance and motorcycle insurance) in favor of individuals seeking subdued suffering