Tips for Getting Low Car Insurance Premiums

Tired of Overpaying for Car Insurance?
We all know that it’s against the law to drive without car insurance, but that doesn’t mean we should have to pay those over the top premiums to get it. There’s a lot of ways to get yourself a lower car insurance premium, it’s an art that I think I’ve mastered. It doesn’t take a lot either, a discount here and there goes a long way in saving some cash. If you’re interested in a lower premium, here’s my advice in getting it:

Tips for Getting Low Car Insurance Premiums
While you’re shopping around for your new car, consider the costs for insuring it as well. Your insurance rates are based off things like the car’s price, repair costs, safety reputation, and theft likelihood.
Try improving your credit score. Many car insurance companies use consumer credit scores as a way to help determine their rates, so pay your bills on time and keep that debt low!
If your insurance provider also offers home or health insurance, consider using them for all of your policies. Many providers offer discounts for those who are enrolled in several of their insurance programs.
Many people lower their monthly premium by paying a higher deductible on insurance claims. This can be a big help, but it may be a little risky if you’re not the best driver!
Depending on your provider, you might save some cash on your premium by having anti-theft devices installed. Some companies provide discounts if you have an Alarm system or recovery system like LoJack.
Drive less! Many insurance providers offer discounts to those that average a certain amount of mileage per day on their vehicle, usually less than 40 miles. Try to bring your average down by car pooling or taking the bus, you’ll save money and help the environment!

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