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Car Insurance News 4th March 2008
Hello everyone, today you'll find a summary of the Chrysler 300c which is growing in popularity in Australia. Some sad news today for our website, we're not #1 on google for the word "car insurance" anymore. We're very sad about that.

14th February 2008
At last, we'll be experimenting today with our new car insurance comparison service. For a couple of hours on the 14th of February, we'll be taking phone calls at a new office and will actually be comparing auto insurance prices from different companies.

Car Insurance News December 2007
Captain Compare would like to wish you and you family a very merry Christmas and a happy + safe new year on the roads.

Don't become a death statistic by driving your car dangerously. Please also be sure to have your car insurance in place before driving.

November 2007
There's some fantastic end of year sales coming up soon so if you're in the market for a new car, so some people often sign up for insurance BEFORE they drive their new car home. Some insurance companies have a instant "over the phone" product that you can purchase so that insurance will save you on your way home. You'll need to check with the car insurance company for details.

6th September 2007
It's TRUE!! Telstra are involved in helping to build the future of online car insurance comparison. The technology will also compare property insurance and Captain Compare will try to be one of the first to make it available to the public.

3rd September 2007
Allianz are finally making their presence known to the public eye with some heavy advertising campaigns that I think are quite effective. They are even featuring a discount if you sign up for car insurance on their website

The cameras have been rolling. This is a funny yet eye opening clip from youtube about driving a car or bike in India and it shows why we have traffic lights in Australia and they probably don't even have comprehensive car insurance.

5th March 2006
If you feel you're a better, safer driver than the regular Joe, give us a call and it's most likely that your car insurance costs will be cheaper. If you're a safe driver, you should be rewarded so!

If artificial intelligent technologies shown in this video are anything to go by, we may not even need auto insurance one day.

5th February 2006
The January customer survey results are in! 5% of our customers in Australia have performed or attempted to do a burn out in their lifetime. We find that hard to believe and were expecting it to be much higher. Perhaps it is because they know if you're doing a burnout out at the time of an accident, your car isn't insured and you'll have to pay for any damage yourself. It would be interesting to see the results if the test was done on a non insurance website.

1st February 2006
2007 is well and truely on the way. Staff at captain compare have started to give up their new years resolutions already. ouch! But we haven't given up on finding car insurance deals just yet. Allianz is still rated as Australia's best general insurers and recently won an award for their products. (not just for auto insurance) They offering welcoming prices, especially when you have a good driving history.

4th December 2006
Captain Compare.com doesn't have a phone number just yet so if you have any trouble getting your car insurance quote online, feel free to use the contact information on this site for an instant quote over the phone.

Insurance Broker Wanted!
Are you or do you know anyone who is an insurance broker? If so, Captain Compare would like to hear from you regarding a business proposition. If not, and you are simply looking for low cost car insurance, browse the companies on our menu to help find the cheapest.

1st November 2006
People often get confused with purchasing insurance in their state. It doesn't matter if you're from Sydney, Cairns, Brisbane, Melbourne or even smack bang in the middle of Ayres Rock. Australia is lucky enough to be able to get good quality car insurance from companies such as RACQ, RACV, NRMA, Suncorp and QBE.

21 October 2006
If you've recently purchased a vehicle, the Captain strongly recommends you speak to an insurance professional first and be sure to closely read the product disclosure statement before making a final decision. You can learn general information about car insurance products on this website still.

27 August 2006 Australian Hail Alert
As the weather heats up again, we're due to see some nasty hail storms which can devastate suburbs of cars and autos. If you're car is worth under $3000, a hail storm can write off your car so be sure to keep it under cover, especially if you don't have comprehensive auto insurance. For people who's car / auto is worth over $3000, be sure to get your comprehensive insurance signed up ASAP to avoid any potential hail costs this year. Need an auto insurance quote? Ask Captain Compare!

These 2 new smart cars collide head on. (They weren't insured because it's only a safety test of course, but you can see the cabins are both still in tact.)

1st August 2006
Live in Brisbane? The Royal Exhibition will be starting soon so be sure to check it out for some new car specials. Unfortunately, the captain won't be able to make it this year, but if you do end up buying a car, check back here for motor insurance information.

Captain Compare has been watching the new car deals at the moment and shiver me timbers, he likes what he sees. There's some fantastic deals from Ford, Holden and Mazda. It's another round of FORD Vs HOLDEN, fighting it out for the best deal. Holden are offering for $32,990 a special edition Commodore SVZ which comes with $6000 of extras. Ford has a similar deal for a similar price with $7000 worth of extras. Ford vs Holden thing has been a long long battle, but they're both pretty damn good cars so simply choose one which feels the best when you take them for a test drive. Oh, and remember to get a cheap auto insurance quote from CaptainCompare after you purchase your car.

Welcome to Captain Compare cheap car insurance. Feel free to browse around to learn more about auto insurance or get an instant online quote with one of the well known companies on our website.

Is it worth making a $500 insurance claim if the excess is $400? Let us know what you think here. Email richard (at) captaincompare.com

Captains Log. 25 April 2006
It's so close we can taste it: a tool to search car insurance costs for Australia's top insurance companies such as NRMA, RACQ, Allianz, RACV and Suncorp. Until then, get an instant quote below for a no-nonsense quote. Good luck, drive safe and Happy Anzac day. Update - October 2006, we're still in negotiation with other car insurance companies. It's as if no one wants some good solid business!

18 April 2006 - We hope everyone had a happy easter with no insurance claims required. Please continue to drive your car safely during the year. To all new car owners, we hope you found a great buy and be sure to get a quote from Captain Compare for your insurance.

So what is captain compare all about? It's cheap car insurance! It's not Quantum Physics. It's not Civil Engineering. It's not Rocket Science. We compare the best car insurance companies in Brisbane, Adelaide, Cairns, Sydney, Melbourne, Darwin, Canberra and all other cities in Australia. Use our site to compare various insurance companies such as AAMI, NRMA, RACV, RACQ and Allianz.


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