Virginia Car Insurance: Regulations Made Easy

The regulations regarding the purchase of car insurance in Virginia is really very simple; for the most part there aren’t any. The only type of insurance coverage that Virginia drivers are required to have is uninsured motorist coverage, no doubt stemming from the fact that their drivers are not required to have liability insurance. This means that in the event a driver who does not possess any liability is responsible for an accident their victim will have some opportunity to pay for the necessary medical car and vehicular repairs without putting themselves into the poor house.

That said, every driver knows that it is very foolish to drive with no insurance; the cost of vehicle and medical care today is just too high. It is strongly recommended that every driver carry at least a minimum liability policy. Liability will pay for damages incurred in an accident for which the insured is responsible up to and including the amounts of twenty five thousand dollars for medical expenses incurred by a single driver, fifty thousand dollars for the combined medical expenses of all of the occupants of the vehicle and ten thousand dollars to assist with repairs to any property damaged in the accident, including but not limited to public property and the victim’s vehicle.

It is also recommended that every driver carry comprehensive coverage. Comprehensive (or collision) coverage will help pay for the damages to the vehicle of the insured up to the Blue Book value of the car that result from an accident with another vehicle for which they are responsible or from an accident caused by another source, such as inclement weather or the local wildlife. Comprehensive coverage may be required for any vehicle currently under lien.

More information regarding VA auto insurance policies may be obtained by contacting the Virginia Bureau of Insurance in Richmond by calling 804-371-9741or by visiting their website at http://www.scc.virginia.gov/division/boi/index.htm.

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