Speeding & Your Auto Insurance

You’re in a hurry. You’ve got the pedal to the metal and your favorite song is blasting in the background. Just as you’re counting your blessings, your good mood turns sour. Red lights flash behind you and your pulse begins to quicken. You’ve been caught speeding!

Avoiding speeding tickets and other violations could save you hundreds (even thousands) of dollars on auto insurance rates and make the roads a safer place for everyone.

Read more to find out why keeping your driving record clear of violations can save you money on auto insurance.

Your Driving Record
Not only are fines for speeding tickets and other violations costly, but they can also wreak havoc on your auto insurance premium. Speeding tickets stay on your driving record for several years, and while on your record can increase your auto insurance premium significantly. On top of that, having violations on your driving record can make you ineligible for discounts that help you save more money on auto insurance!

You’ll pay even more for fines and auto insurance coverage should you get cited for a DUI or reckless driving. Fines and court costs for these 2 serious violations will cost you thousands of dollars, could land you in jail, and may make you uninsurable with most auto insurance companies.

Drinking and driving should never go together. Read tips on how to take care of yourself and spot others under the influence in: None for the Road: Be Responsible, Save Lives, Avoid Auto Insurance Increases.

Fast Facts About Tickets & Your Auto Insurance

* Going to traffic school could remove a traffic violation from your record. If you get a speeding ticket be sure to find out if traffic school is an option. Although traffic school might look expensive and time-consuming, clearing the violation from your driving record could save you hundreds of dollars in future auto insurance payments!
* Contesting your traffic ticket in court could improve your chances of getting your ticket dismissed, especially if you attend your hearing and the police officer that issued the ticket doesn’t show. (If the violation never appears on your driving record, your auto insurance premium will not be affected!)
* Getting a ticket outside your home state doesn’t mean your driving record’s in the clear and the news won’t get back to your auto insurance company. These days nearly all states share information about out-of-state driving infractions. Remember, having a speeding ticket on your record means you’ll pay higher auto insurance rates for several years!
* Driving over the speed limit wastes gas and costs you more money. If rising gas prices have you looking for ways to save, read Got Gas? How to Save Money at the Pump.

Safe driving is always in style. Find out ways you can drive more safely and save money on your auto insurance in the Esurance Auto Insurance Learning Center.

Still feel the need for speed? We hope you’ll slow down when you think about the financial consequences, the hassle, and the years of higher auto insurance premiums you’ll have to deal with if you get caught with a lead foot.

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