FAQ: managing your Esurance myaccount online

How do I change the password on my auto insurance policy?

Having trouble sticking to an auto insurance policy password you like? Did you come up with one you were sure you’d never forget, only to forget it a week later? If you forget your password every time you log into your Esurance account, maybe it’s time to change it to something slightly more memorable.

Making the change is easy. Simply log into your account using your email address and current password. Once you’ve logged into your account, click on the “change password” button. It’s that easy!

Although the goal of changing your password is to remember it in the future, if you do happen to forget it, there’s no need for alarm. Simply enter your email address on our homepage and click “Forgot my password.” We’ll email you your password within 10 minutes.

Making changes to your auto insurance policy is easy when you have Esurance auto insurance. Changes can be made online and will be updated within 24 hours. There’s no messy paperwork, no licking envelopes, and no waiting on hold for the next available operator.

Whether you’re saving your quote or already have an account with Esurance, you’ll find that having an online auto insurance policy is easy and convenient. Enjoy 24/7 service and account management with Esurance. Once you’ve experienced the Esurance difference you’ll wonder how you ever managed without an online auto insurance policy!

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