How Good Is Your Insurance Rate?

When you compare an auto insurance rate from one company to another, how accurate is it?

If you've ever wondered whether your Progressive insurance rate is higher or lower than other companies' rates, you can easily compare an auto insurance rate from Progressive to rates from other companies when you visit Progressive.com.

Every month, more than 100,000 people who get an auto quote with Progressive choose to compare their auto insurance rate to rates from other companies. When you compare an auto insurance rate at Progressive.com, you'll know you're getting up-to-date rates for Progressive and for other companies.

In fact, here are a few customers who decided to compare an auto insurance rate from Progressive with those from other companies:
How We're Able to Provide Rates for Other Companies

Every state has a department of insurance or other body that regulates the insurance industry, and all auto insurers are required to file their insurance rates with these regulators. Companies file their insurance rates in every state that they do business, which means their calculation methods are made public. Because of this, any insurance company can see how other companies determine their rates.

Since rate calculations are not private, Progressive is able to research them and provide rates for other companies, which, in turn, allows you to compare an auto insurance rate from Progressive to other top companies' rates — all in one place.

Insurance rates can change at any time, as long as a company files the update with its state insurance regulator. So how can you know Progressive will provide you with the right rate for another company? We continuously monitor state insurance filings, and when we discover a company has updated its rate calculations, we update our information for that company. So, when you choose Progressive to compare an insurance rate for one or more companies, you'll know the comparison insurance rates you receive are based on current information.

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