CompareTheMeerkat.com – It’s Not For Car Insurance

Aleksandr Orlov, founder of comparethemeerkat.com, is urging people not to use his site when shopping around for cheaper car insurance.

It seems that people looking to compare car insurance quotes are confusing comparethemeerkat.com with the similarly named comparethemarket.com, one of the UK’s leading car insurance comparison sites.

The problem has escalated to such extreme levels that Aleksandr has decided to launch a TV advertising campaign to educate the masses and clear up the confusion once and for all.

The message is clear, comparethemeerkat.com won’t help you find cheaper car insurance but if you’re looking to compare meerkats than Aleksandr is more than happy for you to stop by.

This ingenious piece of marketing is really taking off with Aleksandr proving a real hit on facebook, youtube and twitter.

If you’re considering using comparethemarket.com to search for a car insurance quote be sure to check out our review of their site. As for comparing meerkats, we’ll leave you in the dependable hands of Aleksandr.

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