Where can you buy non-owner auto insurance?

Non-Owner Auto Insurance

In Texas you can buy Non Owners Auto Insurance anytime at http://www.insuranceplus.org/ No Need for a Bond. You should not need a bond to obtain non owner coverage. The Law in Texas allows you to file a bond if you so choose rather than purchase liability Insurance. The filing of a Bond or the Purchase of Auto Insurance with at least the state minimum requirments are both ways to comply with the State's Financial Responsibility Requirements. An umbrella policy as discussed below will likely only be an option if you already have other insurance coverage in the Property or casualty line.

Another perspective:
These can be purchased from MOST insurance companies that issue non-standard policies.

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Talk to your insurance agent about an "umbrella" policy.

If you are self employed you can purchase a commercial liablity policy and most of them have an option to add non-owned auto coverage.

I'm a property and casualty agent and we sell non-owner's policies through GMAC Insurance. It's the same as liability only, but usually cheaper.

Non-owners coverage is mainly to cover you with liability for what you do to others, if you get in anyones car , or a rental car , or ANY car you do not own. (Non-owned by you). Having a DWI on record...the State (ANY) will not give you back your license unless you have Proof Of FINANCIAL RESPONSIBILITY ( which is what you have when you have INSURANCE). It is the liability insurance that pays for what you do to others when you run into them with an auto. ( You are wanting a license to DRIVE) The STATE wants you to cover what you are liable for if you are AT-FAULT driving a car/truck/any vehicle. There are only two things you can do to me when you run into me with a car...Bodily Injury or Property Damage. My bodily injury may be Medical bills, therapy, wooden leg cost and my pain and suffering. Property Damage is the car you hit, the bridge rail, store front,or anything else that was not a body, that got smashed in the accident. They only require you carry a little in each area. There is a minimum Liability for each STATE. Go to an Independant Agent...each state has an ASSIGNED RISK PROGRAM...which means they have to cover you thru the STATES ASSIGNED RISK PLAN, at the STATES set dollar rates...even if they don't want to. Every agent in every state I know has to offer to write you with the ASSIGNED RISK PLAN if you request he do so. (Like ANY Allstate, State Farm, Farmers etc.) I know INDEPENDANT AGENTS have usually 5 or more auto companies they can write thru...including the STATES ASSIGNED RISK PLAN. Give an Agent in your area a call...the good ones will treat you just the same as any other customer...and get you the best deal to meet the states requirements, no matter what your record. If they treat you in a way that makes you feel bad, or like a criminal...get up in the middle of what ever they are telling you... politely turn on your heels and find another. If you ask for the assigned risk plan and they refuse..call the STATE BOARD OF INSURANCE...file a complaint on the guy. My best customers are the ones I helped the most, when they needed it, and 23 years later I still had 92% of them and their grown up kids. When you get the NON-OWNERS insurance you must call the agent later if you buy a car...so he can change it to an OWNERS policy. DO NOT ASK FOR COMMERCIAL...NON-OWNERS...It is for a business that uses a borrowed, or rented, or employees car/truck on a COMPANY JOB...or in connection with the business. The AGENT you talk to will know what you need.

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I do not think an Umbrella policy is what you are looking for. Non-owner auto policies are offered by almost every national insurance carrier, simply call one.

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