How do insurance companies define sports cars?

Insurance Definition of Sports Car
Here are opinions and answers from FAQ Farmers:

I think it all depends on the company. For instance, I drive a '94 T-Bird. Some companies say it's a sports car (with the V6? Yeah right), some luxury (almost passes as that), and some just as a plain old car.

I asked my insurance agent this very question. It depends how on the replacement cost of the auto and location.

They usually go by horsepower, stock and aftermarket modifications (i.e. turbo or superchargers), etc. They will usually know if you have a sportscar or not. You can also have a car classified as rare or collectable that you think might be a sportscar.

A key point here is TWO DOORS. If a car has two doors its almost always classified as a sports car no matter what. Also if the car is equipped with a manual transmission its also most likely a sports car.

I have a Firebird, 2 doors, manual and it's still not considered a sports car.

I have a 2 door 2004 Dodge Stratus SXT that is only a 4-cylinder but rated a 19 which is a sports car rating with high premiums.

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