How much do rates go up after an accident?

Answer 1:
I just had an accident and I have Allstate insurance. I'm fighting the citation I got so I have no points as of yet, but they raised my rate approx. 30%. I was told that they did not raise my rate, but because they had to pay off my car I lost my Good Driver Discount. So they don't admit to raising your rate , only taking away your Discount!! Hope I was of help.

Answer 2:
As a 25 yr Ins. Agent with the largest auto insurer in the U.S., I believe I can speak with some authority.

With my company...if the accident is your fault AND we pay over $750 (in Indiana) you will get a 10% increase in your premium (or lose 10% of your accident free discount) for the first accident.

If you have been with us 10 yrs or more...the first accident will be forgiven (ignored).

The surcharge stays for 3 yrs and then drops off. If you have a second or third chargeable accident while the first is still there....a second larger surcharge is given. For a third accident and even larger surcharge is added. Each will stay on for 3 yrs and then drop off.

Other companies use different formulas and amounts. Some remove your good driver discount even if you are NOT at fault.

The correct answer is "it depends on what company you are with"

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