What are the cheapest autos to insure?

Cheapest Cars to Insure
The top ten cheapest cars to insure, regardless of who you are:

# Buick LeSabre
# Oldsmobile Silhouette
# Honda Odyssey
# Buick Park Avenue
# Pontiac Montana
# Mercury Grand Marquis
# Buick Century
# Chevrolet Venture
# GMC Safari
# Oldsmobile Bravada
The insurers go by credit scoring, loss avergaes, etc. not just by the car you drive, of course.

Answer :
For liability only, it depends mostly on the driver an possibly a little bit on how much damage the car will do. (motorcycles cheap, SUV's expensive)

For full coverage it is a combination of how much it usually cost to repair it and how likely it will be to get in an at fault accident.

cadilacs are expensive to repair, fords are inexpensive

volvos are driven responsibly, mustangs are always getting to wrecks.

The cheapest to insure will be a sensible, afordable, small sedan with the most safety features and the cheapest engine, trim, features etc..

hope it helps

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