Can you collect unemployment if you move while claiming benefits?

Interstate Unemployment Claims
After spending some time researching this question, it appears that if you move out-of-state while claiming benefits, you should immediately telephone or report to a local unemployment office in your new state. They will help you claim benefits on an interstate basis.

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Yes, at least in Oregon and New Jersey. Go to your nearest unemployment office and inquire.

If you got laid off in Alaska, you need to file a claim in Alaska (you can do this online or over the phone in most states). The state of Alaska will pay you in accordance with their regulations. You need to let them know that you have relocated to another state to look for work.

You can collect interstate claims in both Oregon and New Jersey. Go to the unemployment office and ask about it.

YES, but if you do start a new job, ANYWHERE, you have to notify the state office that you are working and the exact date you started working again and where you are working. If you don't notify them and continue to accept payment, you are committing a felony fraud.

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