Does any dental insurance cover implants?

An increasing number of dental plans are adding coverage for implants. Press releases from some of the companies annoucing the coverage are available on the website of the National Association of Dental Plans at www.nadp.org in the News Section under Member News Releases. That site also has a directory of dental plans that can be searched by state.


Implant: A support for a bridge or denture that has been surgically placed into bone

Bridges: Nonremovable tooth replacements attached to adjoining natural teeth when one or a few teeth are missing.

Dentures: Removable artificial teeth in a plastic base that rests directly on the gums. A denture may be complete or partial depending on the number of missing natural teeth.


This is really a little too complex for me to answer you. I have links to numerous policies, brochures and definitions at www.SteveShorr.com/dental.htm To answer the question we would need more information from you - age, bridge or denture, replacement, etc.

Have you asked your dentist?

Also, if you don't have coverage now, many plans make you wait a year.

You might try a Dental HMO, those generally don't have waiting periods.

Many plans consider it cosmetic surgery and won't cover at all. Check your policy.

IF an insurance company pays for implants is up to the plans sponsor ( usually your employeer) and there are quite a few that will cover it.

Discount Dental Plans cover implants. They are not insurance, but the premiums are usually less than $20.00 a month for a household and even less for an individual. When selecting a Plan it's important to compare the amount of discount that you will receive, as well as where the nearest provider is to your home. Many require yearly payments, but some will accept monthly payments via automatic withdrawal from your bank or credit card.

I am sorry, but there are no insurance companies that will pay for implants. They are considered cosmetic. However, they will pay for a bridge, a front flipper or a partial if there is no "preexisting clause for tooth loss over a certain amount of years". In other words, if the tooth/teeth were missing before your current policy, chances are they won't pay for anything. Good luck!

New Dental Choice is a California state licensed dental discount plan currently available in California and Arizona which includes implants as a discounted procedure. For the implant procedure, the discount is between 30% and 40% below the usual and customary charge based on a national profiling service. The exact discount rate may be found on the website by entering the zip code for the participating dentist's office or the general area in which a network dentist may be found. There are over 14,000 dentist locations in California. http://www.newdentalchoice.com

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