Can you drive your sibling's car?

Driving your sibling's car
You don't mention whether or not you and your sister live in the same residence. If you do, it can cause problems because you would be considered a family member under her policy, and if driving her car, her carrier would likely require you to be on her policy. If you live together, and your sister neglects to add you to her policy, her insurance carrier could deny coverage because your sister misrepresented herself on her application.

If you're talking about occasionally driving your sister's car, that's usually not an issue. But all the time is an entirely different matter, even if you don't live together.

Essentially, the premium, or money, your sister pays to her carrier is based on her being the driver. It doesn't include a rating for you as a driver. As you probably know, insurance rates vary from car to car, person to person, household to household. This is because several factors make up insurance rates. It's not an "across-the-board" fee schedule. Expecting your sister's insurance company to cover you, even though you aren't rated on her policy, is like walking into a car dealership, paying for a Ford Focus, but expecting to leave with a Ford Explorer.

Finally, if you're just driving your sister's car occasionally and it's not an issue of being a family member, etc., her insurance would likely cover any accidents you have. Insurance typically follows the car unless the carrier discovers misrepresentation or other factors that make it clear they shouldn't be primary on a loss.

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