How do you add a non-owned car insurance option to a car insurance policy in the USA?

From a retired California Insurance Broker. The question is not clear as to the issue. When you have a US car insurance policy and you drive a car not owned by the policy holder you are automatically protected as to Liabality unless excluded. Most policy does not exclude such coverage. The phycial damage to the non owned car will not be coverd under your US policy. In commercial auto policy you may add non owned cars but not in personal auto policy. If you have a US auto policy you may decline when renting a car the liabily portion whic is the most expensive. Again check with your Broker to be certain that your policy does not exclude car rental, if not then only accept to buy physical damage only. Some credit card offers Insurance when the rental is charge to the card. A word of caution please call the credit card company and ask them if such insurance covers Liability and physical damage. Car insurance is divided into two major area 1. Liabilty. 2. Physical camage to the car which includes theft.

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