Can you get car insurance while visiting the US on a visa?

Well, dealerships and insurance companies are very strict now, and it would depend on what dealership or insurance agency you're planning on working with. On the insurance, it may be a problem because some agencies just deal with people who have a license in that state. And because you have an international license, your rates may be high anyway. I suggest that you call around to check up on that.

I hope that I was a little helpful to you.

Yes, Progressive offers auto insurance even if you hold a International Drivers License but you need to own or lease a car to get it. They do not offer insurance on a rented car.

If you're in Illinois you can contact O'Reilly Insurance Agency at 773-583-8300 from 12 noon to 8 p.m. daily to buy Drive Insurance from Progressive for a permanent or temporary policy. You must bring your home country driver's license.

While it may be difficult to get your own policy while driving on an International Driver's License, I have found that often you may be added, as a rider, to the policy of a U.S. resident. If you have friends or family, tell them to ask their insurance agent, or have the agent check with the underwriters since the agent may be unfamilliar with this.

AIG International Services has a program specifically for foreign nationals with Visas. They can insure you with your International driving permit and they consider your overseas driving history. Their rates are very good.

www.aig-is.com or 877-708-6995

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